Say NO to NDMC's diabolic plan for Delhi's street dogs! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Sunday, 01 November 2015 21:12

Many of you living in the NDMC areas of New Delhi must have received this sms:

"NDMC NewDelhi Smart City
Should NDMC relocate stray dogs to sanctuaries? Please send response as
NDMC Y11 or
NDMC N11 to

Please, please respond immediately with the second option NDMC N11. Sanctuaries are a euphemism for death camps as is apparent from the experience of Hyderabad and Pune, to mention just a couple of cities.

NDMC is trying to build its case against stray dogs to present to the court in the upcoming Supreme Court case. For a long time they have been trying to get rid of our street dogs, but every time they have been thwarted by the law and the united front presented by animal lovers all over. Now once again our dogs are in danger and they need your support, not just from Delhi's animal lovers but from animal lovers everywhere! Please, please unite once again for the street dogs of Delhi. If the NDMC succeeds in Delhi, it will spell death and suffering for Delhi's dogs, and other cities will surely follow their example. Street dogs should have the right to live free, healthy and happy, cared for by the community as the dogs in the attached pictures!

Thank you,

Protest Against Kerala Dog Culling PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Friday, 28 August 2015 21:17

Here are the images of the protests that took place at jantar mantar against Kerala's dog culling

Written by Hiranmay Karlekar   
Friday, 28 August 2015 21:08


Thursday, 27 August 2015 | Hiranmay Karlekar | in Oped

The claim that humans matter more than everything else stumbles on the fact that they will not last for a month, without plant and animal life sustaining their existence

Those engaging in the debate on the issue of human rights versus animal rights, following the National Human Rights Commission's advisory, must remember a basic principle of natural justice — a party to a dispute should not be its judge. Any human institution sitting in judgement on the issue, violates this basic principle as human beings are very much a party to the dispute, which is about their rights prevailing over those of animals.

Most humans do not recognise this basic fact because they believe that animals are not a part of their universe of morality and justice and hence, are outside the scope of the principles governing it. Paul Waldau writes in The Spectre of  Speciesism: Buddhist and Christian Views of Animals, “Mainline Christian tradition has historically asserted, as part of its basic message, not only a fundamental, radical division between human animals and all other animals but also the exclusion of all other animals' interests when they are in conflict with minor, unnecessary human interests.” It is not just the Christian tradition. Aristotle stated in Politics that nature made all animals for the sake of man and it was as permissible to enslave people who did not possess reason as it was to enslave animals.

The ground for the exclusion was that animals lacked rationality. St Augustine stated in City of God that the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” did not apply to “unreasoning animals (irrationalibus animantibus) that fly, walk or crawl because they are not partners to us in the faculty of reason.” This approach continued in the West over centuries. Charles Patterson writes in Eternal Treblinka: Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust, that Thomas Aquinas, the greatest exponent of medieval scholasticism, “….justified the killing of animals on the ground that the lives of animals were preserved ‘not for themselves but for man'”. He denied not only rationality but afterlife to animals since the latter, unlike humans, did not have reason, and only the reasoning part of the soul survived after death.

Such an approach assumes that rationality is the defining characteristic of humankind, is the most important thing in the universe and animals lack it and, finally, that humans matter over everything else. If rationality was the defining characteristic of humans, then vast numbers would not have indulged in irrational acts — often collective and frighteningly savage — throughout history. Consider what Nazis and Fascists did and what supporters of the Islamic State and Taliban are doing now. In fact, passion is as — if not more — powerful an element in the human psyche, and can overcome reason and drive masses of humans to committing unspeakable atrocities.

The importance of rationality is often exaggerated. Reasoning is a process which can yield both right and wrong conclusions, depending, among other things, on the correctness of the data available. While enabling great civilisational advances, it has also spawned the rise of doctrines leading to tyrannies and savage persecution of millions of people considered non-believers.

Animals do not have the same kind of rationality as humans.  But they have strategic, tactical and survival-related intelligence and much more powerful instincts, which is as important. It is instinctive response to a situation, or consciousness about the need to act, that most often triggers a chain of reasoning. Besides, even if animals do not possess reason, they can survive in circumstances in which humans will perish within a week.

Finally, the claim that humans matter more than everything else stumbles on the fact that they would not last more than perhaps a month without the plant and animal life sustaining their existence. In fact, it has a suicidal dimension: Its corollary, the belief that humans have the right to do whatever they want with all non-human life and nature, is playing havoc with the environment, threatening their own continued existence.

The Ignorance of Morons PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Wednesday, 22 July 2015 22:17

Look at the stupid idiotic people who have moved HC again for removing dogs. Thank God I still have faith in Supreme court of India to have brains. 

Human life is more important than animal life? IN that case ..if its about hierarchy , I can prove that these petitioners are nothing but maggots in front of so many other people I know , by brains , education and money...I would have them removed from society.

Also if thats the case I want to arrest all the human naked asses shitting that I see everyday while driving or travelling by train anywhere in India.

Muzzle my dog? I will muzzle these petitioners with my fist in their mouth .

Whats the worst thing in this? That HC is actually entertaining such shit. I have lost faith in this country. 

Stray Dogs Defiling PM's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Remove Them: HC

An NGO moved the Delhi High Court seeking a direction to the Centre to take concrete steps to deal with the "increasing menace" of stray dogs and monkeys in the national capital and have them "eliminated", saying they are "defiling" the Prime Minister's 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'.

A bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Jayant Nath was told that human life was more precious than that of street dogs/animals, so they be "eliminated."

The court has fixed the matter for further hearing on August 17.

The court was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by NGO, Society For Public Cause, which said that Section 399 of Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957, provides for control and regulation of dogs.

"Street dogs are defiling the 'Clean India i.E. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' programme launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi," the NGO said, adding that "any person bitten by dog should be compensated suitably by the respondents (the Ministry of Environment and Forests) and in case of death, a minimum compensation to be paid to the next kin of the victim".

The petitioner's counsel L S Chaudhary sought a direction to the ministry and municipal corporations that "if animal lovers want to set up kennels they should do so at their own cost and not at public expenses".

It also said that all pet dogs must be muzzled when brought in public and stray dogs/ monkeys be sent to Nagaland or exported.

"Direct the mandatory registration of pet dogs. All pet dogs must have collar band and metal tag issued by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) around their neck. Any pet dog found without tag may be confiscated and owner of pet dog may be penalised suitably....

"Direct that owners of pet dogs must carry a ploythene bag and pick up the poop of their pets to be properly disposed off and any pet dog found littering around in public places may be confiscated and his owner may be fined heavily," the petitioner said.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 July 2015 22:28
A most awaited documentary PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Monday, 20 July 2015 22:07

A most awaited documentary is being made on the street dogs of Kolkatta and the people who take care of them. I think its going to be really interesting and I will definitely watch it. I saw Moby has allowed them to use their music but I am not surprised about that. Not only is Moby a hardcore animal lover , he is also a vegan and has a big heart.

must watch the trailers, seem interesting and well made.

Last Updated on Monday, 20 July 2015 22:15
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