Rescued puppy overjoyed to reunite with his mother PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Monday, 26 January 2015 21:33

Animal india Aid Udaipur rescued a pup from a well. Lovely video must see.

Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2015 21:41
NCR region animal NGOs meet AWBI Chairperson at JNU? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Monday, 26 January 2015 17:45

Dear All
Yesterday many NCR based animal NGOs involved in the ABC/ Rescue/Rehabilitation/medical assistance held a meeting at JNU lawns. It was very kind of Gen. Kharb, Chairperson Animal Welfare Board of India to have consented to attend it and give a hearing to the problems troubling animal lovers and obstructing the functioning of ABC. Important outcomes of this relaxed and positive lunchtime meeting are given below for everyone's information;
1. ABC is being resumed from 1st Gurgaon and MCG's MoU with Frendicoes is finally being extended but at the old rate of Rs.550/-Gen. Kharb assured that this would get increased to Rs.750 within two months or so hopefully.Frendicoes would operate with an outside international organization and there would be no release on the same day after surgery. This assurance came as a big relief for everyone.
2. Dog feeders are protected by law as per the Delhi High Court Notification and Feb.20, 2014 AWBI Guidelines which laid down that 'prohibiting dog feeding tantamount to criminal intimidation'.
3. Animal lovers should consolidate the movement and should not individualize or personalize this movement,they should work at a policy level as much as the ground level since coming times may not be very favourable for stray animals.
4. The ABC Case and hearing on the Bombay High Court judgement on dog killing is coming up next fortnight. Considering the awful publicity against dogs  played by the ill-informed/bribed reporters and correspondents there is great likelihood that dog killing may be allowed selectively. We discussed a realistic golden mean for NGO monitored selective pikup of dogs who are tainted as habitual biters and send them for rehabilitation and training for some time rather than get them killed. We need to meet newspaper editors/ channel managers for identifying such reporters who promote negative and thoughtless, ill-informed anti-dog publicity for generating fear amongst residents.
5. Concern was raised for cats and currently no NGO focuses on cats the way they do for dogs. The result is that  every locality has an imbalance of dog-cat population in which cats are brutally killed and their kittens shredded by packs of dogs.Suggestions invited as a sustainable solution is still a far cry.
6. Horses and donkeys is also a grave concern. Frendicoes shared many policy issues and lack of funds. Everyone suggested that the Donkey Sanctuary (Dr. Nath) is also working in Gurgaon and beyond institutional divides one could share space, expertise and support with Frendicoes to make the programme actually effective for the animal.The Sai Ashram and Frendicoes shared common concerns and opened up for joint support for animals wherever possible.
7. Walk for Animals and Habitat drew a joint programme of animal welfare at Gurgaon with Sai Ashram and Frendicoes. Each one would work in their special capacity, interest and inclination areas.

The atmosphere of the meeting was very congenial, tension free and all throughout NGOs kept their focus on animal welfare rather than narrow operational divides which diverts attention from the animal to winning an institutional war.
This is a very good start and for this our heartfelt thanks to the AWBI Chairperson Gen.Kharb for giving us time and patient hearing.
Maybe other NGOs could also attend these informal meetings next time and help consolidate this movement.
Wish you all the best
WAH Team (2013-2014)
(Amita Singh, Subhulaxmi Sircar, Kartika Singh, Sangeeta Luthra

Walk for Animal & Habitat
Launched 2009,August by Amita Singh, Blossom Hackett, Prema Swaminathan, Tulika Mehra, Varsha Sharma, Tushaar Bhardwaj , Vidya Sangwan , Benu Kalra and Subhulaxmi Sirkar  to protect and provide for all animals who were thrown out of thie village and forest habitats as villages got converted into concrete cities. In the process of urbanization the city lost inclusive governance, social co-existence and ecological ethics. The cost of this insensitive FDI led development was paid by the  voiceless animals who suffered destitution, starvation and extinction . The survivors were  labelled as 'stray' as the city stole away all their habitats.

Letter to NDMC chief due to random picking of dogs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Monday, 26 January 2015 17:41

Dogs were being picked up randomly from NDMC area due to Obama's visit and Republic day parade. Mr Amit sent the NDMC chief hoping to remind him of the laws.


Stray Dog Befriends Trekkers and Follows Them for 430 Miles PDF Print E-mail
Written by care 2   
Friday, 12 December 2014 19:34

Stray Dog Befriends Trekkers and Follows Them for 430 Miles

Read more:

When a group of Swedish hikers fed a stray dog a treat, little did they know that he would become their new best friend as they trekked 430 miles across Ecuador in a grueling jungle endurance race.

Traversing their way through one of the world’s most extreme jungle environments, Team Peak Performance started with four team members — but finished with five.

The team first encountered Arthur when he appeared in the jungle looking in pretty bad shape. Feeling sorry for the scruffy looking pooch, team captain Mikael Lindnord offered him some food before setting off on the next phase of the race.

In the beginning, they didn’t realize that Arthur had followed them, but while they were wading through knee deep mud, to their surprise he reappeared and despite trying to send him off, he continued to show up beside the team as they made their way through the treacherous Amazon rainforest.


Image credit: Team Peak Performance

Fearing that the sickly dog was too weak to handle the difficult course, race organizers advised that the team didn’t take Arthur with them on the last leg of the race, which involved paddling 59 km in a kayak, before finally arriving at the finish line.

The team agreed that this was the best thing for Arthur, but when they put their kayaks down in the water and set off, Arthur refused to be left behind and started swimming after them.

“It was too heartbreaking and we felt we couldn’t leave him, so we picked him up. We could hear the people cheer on the shore as we set off,” recalls Lindnord.

Peak performace 1

Image credit: Team Peak Performance

Paddling with a big dog like Arthur aboard wasn’t easy, and the team had to find different paddling techniques not to kick him off board. Throughout the journey Arthur kept jumping into the water to take a swim, before crawling back into the boat, at which point he was so cold the team had to offer him their jackets.

“One time we got quite close to land and he jumped off and swam to the shore, and we thought that was the last we were gonna see from him. But he ran on the road for a bit and then he swam back to us,” says Lindnord.

When they crossed the finish line, Arthur was right there beside them, and the thought of leaving him to return to his former life on the street was too much to bear, so they started to look into bringing him back to Sweden.

Peak performace

Image credit: Team Peak Performance

After a whole lot of paperwork, and a health check to approve him for the journey, officials in Sweden agreed for Arthur to enter the country, where he would finally have a forever home with his new found friends.

Now back in Sweden, Arthur is loving his new life. He is currently in quarantine, where he is receiving all the medical care he needs to treat the pre-existing wounds on his back and recover his general body condition.

In honor of Arthur, Team Peak Performance created the Arthur Foundation, to help stray dogs be valued by society and to support a new law proposal that will give stray dogs rights against violence and abuse.

Peak performace 2

Read more:

Intimidation and harrasement continues at The North Close = Now turns into physical violence PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Monday, 08 December 2014 03:03

Well, life for animal lovers is not at all easy at the North Close, Nirvana Country.

So far:
- Strays were being beaten and dumped by the security guards employed by the RWA
- Two families were abused late night by a bogie of people on 29th October, no action so far
- Blatant spreading rumor of false dog bite cases by the RWA and instigation of other residents by a bogie of people, churning out malice, creating unfounded panic and promoting animal cruelty to attack and harass animals and animal lovers


On 2nd of December, 2014 a maid who was quietly sitting in park with a pet dog who approached by a lady who started verbally abusing the maid. Maid, out of fear returned to the her owner's house. The abuse didn't stop there, a lady trespassed into their house and started beating the maid, while that lady was beating the maid, homeowner's teenage daughter tried to intervene and she was also threatened and was asked to stay out or she will also be beaten like her maid. Apparently, parents were not present at home when this happened. Imagine the kind of trauma

Family tried to seek intervention from the RWA, but was turned away and was given cold shoulder by the President of the RWA. Seems these bogie of people are successful in inciting so much malice that now it has turned into physical abuse.

A complaint regarding this incident of trespassing and intimidation was made in Sadar, Police Station, however no action has been taken so far. Police have not yet started the investigation.

What was the mistake of that poor maid? Was it that she was sitting with a dog on grass which is reserved for elite? or She was taking care of a dog and playing with the same in bright sun? And caring for dog is a BIG NO in the North Close gated complex.

We are in a very state of affairs and are in regular state of threat. Never ever seen such a animal hating environment..

What next?

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