JNU Leftists anti compassion, harp on non veg food fests. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anando Das Gupta   
Thursday, 26 April 2012 20:20

So there are food fests going on in different colleges , I thought they went to study there. Anyways, the melting pot of different religions seems to result in anti compassionate feelings as the leftists in the colleges like JNU demand that everything should be served everything including Beef, pork , mutton.  ‘JNU had a 'Beef-Pork Eating Campaign’ and say its their right to eat anything that walks. Does that include humans? Well why not?

What about the fact that they are taking away the right of the thing that is walking. I personally feel that such people's right to be able to walk for the rest of their lives should be taken away but no that wont be allowed because they can go begging to a court and cry their hearts out to save their undeserved lives but butchered animals doesn't seem to be a part of their concern because they cannot go to any such courts.

Mr Achari who is a PhD student think its very progressive to be rampantly killing animals , inst it? See what he thinks. *source media*

The highly combustible issue of food politics has returned to the JNU campus.

“In north India, the hostility against cow slaughter is very high. But JNU being a progressive space dominated by the Left, we didn’t expect an extreme or violent reaction,” says Premjish Achari, who was among those who started the campaign. Achari is a PhD student at JNU’s School of Art and Aesthetics.
Why cant they instead have a vegetarian eating campaign, No? Well, just because they want to eat the meat doesn't mean they want to meet the cow. Their misguided progressive movement is nothing but self indulgent hypocrisy and the faster they are made aware of that, the better.
Now because of their nonsense, other universities want to take part in similar travesties. More of my countrymen seem to be forgetting their heart, religion and tradition and taking to meat. How shameful is it, from Swami Vivekananda to Mahatma Gandhi, all would shaking their heads from above.


Last Updated on Thursday, 26 April 2012 21:17

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