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About Us

Animals abode is based out of Sadhrana viilage which is next to Sultanpur national park. It's about 15 kms from Rajiv chowk in gurgaon. We are based over an acre of land and have helpers, parevets and a vet.

We have around 210 dogs, 19 cows and one cat currently. More than 20 of them are partially handicapped or blind.We have an emergency unit which can take care of animals at odd hours. Apart from the animals we have in our care , we also feed around 80 dogs in Ardee city gurgaon and around 150 in south delhi spanning over alaknanda,kalkaji,east of kailash and gk2.

I started caring about animals from 2009 when I was in south delhi. Starting from one dog, saving many from RWA's wrath I soon crossed into becoming an animal activist and champion. It was my dream to carve out a place for them where they can live with happiness. It took me almost 9 yrs to travel to that phase where I could make one.

We have none who is chained or put in a cage until its required. All of them mix up at their will and they merrily play around.

This place wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some near and dear ones who have been with me in the past and present. Anando, Prakhar and Karan from Delhi, Dharmender Yadav from Gurgaon are few of them who have stood ground when many have left. Dhyan foundation is helping in whatever way they can.

We plan to start a sterilisation unit soon which can address the issue of ever increasing dog population in our area.

Our plan is to separate healthy and unhealthy animals into two sections and keep them separately in two different places. The hunt for land is on.

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