While the media and citizens are debating the necessity for the KRDCL road widening, trees on the stretches outlined for the project, have started disappearing in broad daylight, even trees that were not marked for removal. 

The validity of this project has not yet been established, there is a parallel PRR road project, and there has been no public consultation or EIA for this project..  This project is a very sticky wicket, it may never be implemented! 

Then why the rush to chop trees?? 

This points to the collusion of the timber mafia.  The ultimate objective of this road widening is not to provide any decongestion to traffic, the real objective is to rob the remaining trees of Bengaluru.  

The timber mafia, and their political stooges are behind this tree massacre!  They need to identified and prosecuted!

The lack of ethics and conscience on the part of this Government stands exposed!