A female dog and a mother of 5 pups was beaten to death in Pimpri, Pune in Maharashtra by the local residents. The incident was reported to PFA Pune Head Puneeta Khanna Singh. She was quick to take action and went to Pimpri to lodge an FIR against the perpetrators. Kindly go on the following link for the case details:


In another incident a dog was swinged in the air in circles in the most barbaric manner. The dog kept howling and crying in despair. This incident took place in Lonavala, Maharashtra. The dog is no where to be found but the PFA Pune Head Puneeta Khanna Singh has filed an FIR against the culprit. 

To watch the video kindly go on the following link:


FIR against the culprit:


In Zirakpur, Punjab a dog was thrown down from a building in the most cruel manner (pic in the post,). The matter was reported by an Animal Rights Activist Shikha to the Associate Manager, Emergency Response Team PETA Meet Azhar and he as always  extended his help and support in this case:

For details of the case kindly go on the links below:



India seems to be topping the chart in dog cruelty. Not a day goes by when a dog is not murdered or tortured in the most brutal.fashion.