This Diwali many dogs have lost their way. They are homeless, hungry, chased, barked, attacked and bitten by dogs of other territory. The territory which doesn't belong to them. It's quite chilly in Delhi now so in this cold weather these victims of Diwali celebration are roaming scared and terrified. 

Diwali is such a beautiful festival of lights. One is suppose to clean their house and decorate them. Light lamps and distribute sweets to each other. But we humans have converted such a wonderful festival into an evil one. The bursting of fire crackers has now become a norm and this dirty thing not only creates air and noise pollution but also makes so many dogs homeless. The loud sound of crackers terrifies the dog and he runs for his life.

Saturday night (14th November 2020) Diwali was celebrated and now all animal groups on Facebook and WhatsApp are flooded with messages of dogs missing since Diwali night.

The festival is a nightmare for all those caregivers who have lost their furry friends. They are having sleepless nights. They are looking for them like mad everywhere. Some have got lucky in getting back their dogs but many aren't.

Pyari is a two year old female dog who got lost from East Delhi. Her caregiver Akshay (M-91 98719 57604) is doing everything possible to find her. He has even announced a prize money for her (pic in the post).

There are innumerable cases of dog missing from Diwali night in Delhi NCR but I will share just few of them:

 Tuffy a cute dog missing from Ghaziabad.

Monkey another sweetheart is missing from Ashok Vihar Delhi.

All these caregivers have announced prize money for their furry friends.

Man has become so disconnected with nature that it can hardly feel the pain and suffering it is creating for the animals around us. Isn't this human menace??????

It's time Indians start behaving like their ancestors. Ancestors who taught us to respect nature. Live in harmony with nature and not destroy it. 

How can any festival be good if it is inflicting pain to animals and other human beings? 

There is nothing wrong with Diwali. What is wrong is the way we are celebrating it now. With lound sound and lots of smoke. Neither it is good for our children nor for the nature around us. 

 We Indians are destroying our culture and bringing disgrace to this great nation of Buddha and Mahavira.

Fire crackers should be banned in India on Diwali day. Burning of fire crackers is violating both animal rights and human rights. The right to live in peace without being harmed. 

Some humans are definitely responsible for all the pain and trauma the victimised dogs and their caregivers are going through today because of their irresponsible and reckless behaviour. 

Shouldn't such humans be punished for inflicting so much pain on both the dog and the caregiver?

It's time the government and the animal welfare NGOs create awareness about how harmful these crackers are for the animals living around us. 

Schools and colleges too should ensure that their children say no to crackers for the animals and birds living in the surrounding. And not just for air and noise pollution. 

The animal laws( prevention of cruelty to animals act) should also be amended and provisions be made to punish those who burn fire crackers and inflict pain and suffering to animals and their caregivers. 

Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying