Kali a female dog (pic in the post) who had recently given birth to puppies and was taking care of them was beaten to death in Prem Nagar, Rajasthan. Her only fault was that she had torn the car cover of the accused.

This is the level of tolerance people have towards the voiceless. Not just that the evil man has no remorse or guilt for killing the helpless mother. He has threatened the caregiver that he will get all the dogs removed from the area. For the details of the case kindly go on the link below: Kindly listen to the entire story from the caregiver's mouth. The caregiver is a brave lady who took the courage to speak out against the devilish man:


Kalua a male dog was beaten so badly that one of his legs got broken. This happened in West Bengal. The accused again has no remorse and he is saying that he will poison the dog and kill him. The caregivers have got Kalua treated and his leg has been plastered. For details of the case kindly go on the link below;


Rajasthan Chief Minister



West Bengal Chief Minister