A highly friendly and innocent dog Kaalu (pic in the post) was first befriended by his perpetrators and then later dumped at some unknown place or  killed. This is the worse form of cruelty. First you gain the trust of the innocent soul and later betray his trust. Such evil minds are the worse form of criminals. Their criminal actions are preplanned and their crimes are not an action taken at the spur of the moment. Hence, their punishment too should be severe. 

This horrifying incident has taken place in Vikas Puri, Delhi. For the details of the case kindly go on the link below:


Janak Puri, Delhi the A1, B Block are fed up with dogs. They are accusing dogs of biting and seeking a solution for the problem. This is what has gone viral on social media platforms:

"Too much Dog biting and dog menace in Janak Puri A1b block
Can someone suggest whom to complaint n how. Daily basis I hear 2 to 3 person bitten by dog. These dogs are becoming a threat to human life.. solution pls"


These so-called educated people of Delhi are unaware of dog rules (2001) as well as dog behaviour. ABC program is the only legal and ethical solution to their problem. And dogs never bite without a reason. The residents have to understand that stray dogs are not rabid and they never bite without any provocation. We humans keep provoking them all the time. 

The million-dollar question is that why is the population of stray dogs increasing in Delhi? 

Why are people especially the RWAs seeking solution for stray dogs? 

When will the MCD create awareness about the ABC programme in the city of Delhi? 

 Is it only the responsibility of the caregivers and the animal welfare NGOs to protect and guarantee the safety of stray dogs ?

The MCD is the legal custodian of stray dogs and the implementor of the ABC program then why is it not taking any positive measure to curb and control the man-dog and man-man conflict which is only increasing day by day in the capital?

The govt of Delhi has to address this very important issue on an urgent basis. They have been creating awareness on media on issues like dengue, covid and air pollution. Then why have they turned a blind eye to the ABC PROGRAM?


Chief Minister of Delhi