It's been more than a week now since Diwali and there are still many caregivers looking for their furry friends. They go out looking for their friends almost daily calling out their names in the hope that their friend will pop out from the corner of a house or from underneath a car once they hear their voice. But seldom they get lucky. 

Khushboo (M-+91 98xxxxx) a caregiver from Delhi whose dog had gone missing from Diwali night had posted his pictures  (pic in the post) on all WhatsApp groups and requested people to contact her in case anyone finds him.

Well she did come to know about the dog but it was too late. Apparently, the dog had gone to another pocket where other dogs attacked him. He kept hiding under the cars for all these days because whenever he tried to escape, the dogs of that area attacked him and bit him.  The poor dog kept sitting on the cold cemented floor for all these days in these winter nights that too empty stomach. As his condition was bad and he could hardly move from the place so a resident called an ambulance and sent him to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. The doctors told that his condition was critical and in spite of their best efforts they just couldn't save him. The dog died. 

Who is responsible for his death?

Obviously, it is the people who burnt firecrackers and scared the dog away. They are directly responsible for his death and they should be punished. It is their actions which have led to such a traumatic death of a healthy and fit dog. A dog who could have lived few more years happily and peacefully with his caregivers. 

Khushboo is heartbroken. She feels so helpless. All those caregivers who have lost their furry friends on Diwali night are feeling the same. They are looking like mad for their furry friends all over the place. On foot, on bike, in cars.....and each time they think about their friend they curse the Diwali night and the most deplorable and dirty thing called fire crackers. The main culprit behind their sorrow.

Many historians believe that fireworks were originally developed in the second century B.C. in ancient Liuyang, China.

Only China can come out with such an obnoxious and useless innovation. Their latest innovation Covid has shook the whole world.

And imagine a country like India which was so peaceful and animal friendly  has now become so cruel and anti animal. It seems we Indians are adopting the Chinese way of life. A life of cruelty and indifference towards animals. Animals who have been coexisting with we Indians for thousands of years have now suddenly become our enemies. Majority of us burn crackers without giving any thought to the voiceless (animals and birds) living around us. An innocent dog has died because we were enjoying Diwali and having fun burning crackers.Our fun has cost someone's life and made many suffer both humans and animals.

It's time India bans fire crackers on Diwali and punishes those who burn crackers and inflict pain and misery to the animals and their caregivers.