In his latest address to the nation in his very popular program 'Man Ki Baat', Prime Minister Modi expressed his happiness on seeing many Indians taking care of the homeless and the needy by giving them warm clothes during this chilly winter season. He was especially pleased by the young generation of India who is actively participating in helping not only the needy humans but also the stray animals.  The Prime Minister said that winters are very difficult times both for humans as well as animals. Hence, we should take care of them both.

The dog who was seen in PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat has died (pic in the post).' He was ailing from liver and kidney infection.  His name was Rakesh. His name was kept after the name of his caregiver who ran a tea stall. When the first lockdown was declared in India during Covid 19 pandemic his caregiver Rakesh went to his home leaving behind his furry friend. In Rakesh's absence, the officials of Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) started taking care of the dog and named him Rakesh after the name of his caregiver.. They took good care of him but unfortunately, Rakesh succumbed to his lever and kidney infection on 1st Dec 2020. 

According to the head constable Aziz-ur-Rehman Khan after the caregiver of Rakesh left for his home,  all the trainee jawans, constables and head constables of PAC developed a fondness for Rakesh and started taking care of him. But in spite of their best efforts, they could not save him. They buried Rakesh with full honour.  For the details kindly go on the link below:

Pamela Anderson an American actress, an animal rights activist and a PETA member wrote an open letter last year to Prime Minister Modi urging his govt to serve vegan food at meetings.  She wrote in her letter about how air pollution in Delhi was badly affecting both people and animals. In her letter, she urged the Prime Minister to ban all animal-derived foods from government meetings and functions. Her letter said that by adopting plant-based food we could be helping the environment and stop climate change. She also mentioned in her letter how India can be adversely affected by climate change and how plant based food can help India tackle this problem.

 Pamela has adopted an Indian female stray dog Pyari. Pyari in Hindi means beautiful. To read the letter in full kindly go on the link below:

Not all street dogs of India are as lucky as PYARI to find Pamela Anderson....

There are thousands of Pyari who die on Indian streets out of thirst, starvation, cold, sickness and human cruelty.  

An unfortunate female dog was beaten to death for peeing in front of a house. To read about her kindly go on the link below:

It's time Indians too respect and  love our stray dogs and give them place in our hearts and homes.