1 JAN 2021 — 

While the world celebrates the new year there are a few voiceless souls who are no more to witness the new year as they have already left for their heavenly abode and there are many who are struggling hard for their survival. For them, the going year and the coming year has no meaning whatsoever.

One such voiceless soul is Mini (pic in the post). She used to stay in Prayagraj (old name Allahabad), Uttar Pradesh.

Her story of human cruelty which has left her half-dead and taken away the life of her babies happened about a week back. 

About a week back she was beaten by a human monster because she had pooped in front of his house. This is the only crime she had done. The man got so furious that  he kept beating her till she became unconscious. Mini was pregnant and she would have delivered babies in a week or two. When her caregiver Poonam came to know of the incident she quickly took Mini to a vet but because the vet did not have an ultrasound machine so they could not find if the babies inside her were dead or alive. Poonam also went to the police station to lodge a complaint but the police was not cooperative. And they filed no complaint.


The next day Poonam with the help of an NGO got Mini's ultrasound done. The doctors told her that the she had 5 babies out of which 3 showed movement and 2 didn't. Hence it was advisable to get her operated but Poonam just couldn't make up her mind. So she decided to wait. 


About 3 days back Poonam got Mini operated. 5 weak babies were born. 3 of them died the same night and 2 were in critical condition. Mini too was critical. 


Poonam at last got an FIR lodged against the the human monster who has neither any shame nor any guilt for his inhuman action and he is absconding ever since.


On 31st December Mini's remaining two pups also passed away. Mini's condition is still very critical. She has now also lost her vision. 


In another incident a caregiver of Goregaon, Maharashtra is being harassed by railway staff for feeding a female dog and her babies. The staff wants the dog to be removed just because she barks at the passengers. This is nothing new. People in India have no idea about dog behaviour nor dog rules. Dogs just don't bark without a reason and we humans just don't understand this.

As the dog stays in Goregaon railway station so it should be the responsibility of the railway staff to take care of the dogs staying within their premises but instead it is an outsider who is feeding the dogs and instead of being thanked for her noble gesture she is being harassed by the staff. It is the railway staff which should have got the dog sterilised but do they even know about the ABC program or the dog rules? Probably not. Even now it's not too late. They can get the dog and her pups sterilised. And instead of ruthlessly throwing her and her pups out of the station to multiply further on the streets of Maharashtra they can  get them sterilised and give them a good quality of life by feeding them and treating them with love and kindness.


This new year will have no relevance for the man's best friend and his caregiver if things do not change for better in India. It's time the municipal corporations and the govt depts and ministries responsible make the following four resolutions:

1 Creating awareness about the ABC program and bringing in people's participation in it by involving the caregivers.

2 Apprising the nation about dog behaviour and busting all myths attached with Indian dogs.

3 Swachhta Abhiyan ( cleanliness drive) not becoming an excuse for dog haters to kill dogs, relocate them and to harass the caregivers. They should be told to exercise compassion and tolerance towards street animals and to give full cooperation to the caregivers.

4 Bring awareness about Prevention of cruelty to animals Act and make amendments in it so that the law becomes stronger. Rs 50 fine for animal cruelty is a joke. 

Unless our Indian leaders and policy makers bring the above four changes 2021 will be no different from 2020, 2019, 2018.........

This is an incident of dog cruelty which happened in 2019 in Bangalore. A dog was beaten by a stick on his head and at one stroke itself the dog collapsed. The caregiver posted this incident again just to remind us that cruelty has still not stopped against the man's best friend and she still feels the guilt of not getting justice for her furry Friend:


Let's hope and pray 2021 brings a new beginning for the man's best friend and his caregivers in India.