19 MAR 2021 — 

While our honourable members of parliament are pleading for stricter penalties and amendment in animal laws, the cruelty against the man's best friend is just not coming to a hault. Every day we watch a new form of cruelty towards dogs. This time a dog has been buried alive under the ground by few individuals and then one of them ran a motor bike over his head and crushed him. One needs to have a strong heart to watch this tragic video. No soul on this earth deserves such a cruelty.


The exact whereabouts of the place of crime and the criminals is not yet known. But it is being told that this tragic incident has taken place somewhere in the state of Gujarat. 

A dog has been attacked by a sharp weapon  on his face (pic in the post). One can see the stitches all across his face. Just imagine the kind of pain the dog must have undergone.


Three puppies were found dead on a road in Nehru Place, Delhi. The caregiver thinks it's a murder and not an accident. 


Another dog raped in Mumbai. To know more about the rapist and his cruelty kindly go on the link below:


A caregiver was harassed by her own neighbours in Sonipat, Haryana. She called the police but it didn't come to help her. She is being harassed and tortured just because she feeds dogs. Kindly go on the following link to read her tweet:


An RWA of Ashok Vihar, Delhi have been harassing a female caregiver. They have come out with a manifesto which says "Removal of unclaimed dogs from the block".  Nothing can be more disgusting and shameful than this. Wonder when will these so called educated  Indians follow dog rules. Don't they know that removing dogs from their present location is an offence? That the only way to control their population is by implementing the ABC program?. If this is the condition of the capital of India then  one can well imagine what it must be like for other parts of the country. To read the manifesto kindly go on the link below:


India does not only need amendment in animal laws. It also needs implementation of these laws. Weak laws and poor implementation of laws has created havoc on the voiceless of India. Both need to be strengthened.