Six pups in Punjab were found dead and according to the reporter they have all been poisoned. Watch the video and see the pain the lactating mother is going through. Is her pain any less than a human mother who loses her baby. Imagine she lost all six of her babies. Just what wrong had the babies done? Could they have bitten anyone? They were absolutely harmless. Imagine so much hatred against dogs in the minds of the people and the administration is doing nothing about it.

This MBBS doctor needs to be taught a lesson. The name on the gate of the house says Dr. Ajay Gupta. Well, this man doesn't deserve to be a doctor. World over doctors today are being applauded for their services and are called COVID warriors.  This doctor is also fighting against someone but unfortunately, it's not COVID but a helpless dog in his captivity. The man was ruthlessly beating the dog inside his house when the reporter approached him and asked him to stop besting the dog. But the doctor didn't budge and when the reporter asked him as to why he was beating the dog he told that the dog had spoiled his beautiful garden. Most probably the dog must have dig the mud which they often do to beat the heat. Poor thing didn't know that he was doing a terrible offence for which he will be beaten with sticks. When the reporter told the doctor that there is imprisonment for beating the dog he had the audacity to say that he is ready to be imprisoned. 

Such monsters should definitely be behind bars. Kindly go on the following link to watch the shameless doctor who is actually a curse and a shame on the medical profession. 

Wonder what kind of a doctor he must be? A person so low in morals and ethics

While the environment ministry, Animal husbandry ministry and the Animal Welfare Board of India who is officially the custodians, protectors and preservers of the dogs in India have been doing nothing to sensitize people about dog laws the animal welfare NGOs have come forward to sensitize people of India about dog laws. 

The former union minister and founder of People for Animals  Maneka Gandhi started awareness campaigns regarding animal laws in India. She went live on 12th June 2020 and spoke about the ABC programme and why it's important, what is the role of a dog in our society and why it shouldn't be killed etc. kindly go on the following link to watch the most informative video:


Various non-governmental organizations are doing awareness programmes which should have been done long back by the municipal corporation and the Ministries responsible for animal welfare in India. Unfortunately, they didn't do it so now the NGOs are doing.