On the night of 21st June 2020 a 57 year year old man Brij Mohan was stabbed by a knife on his chest by his own neighbour who didn't like dogs and wanted Brij Mohan to stop feeding the dogs. According to the police the dog bit Prahlad the accused in this case. But that is what most of the dog haters say. The police needs to investigate if the man is telling the truth. Brij Mohan was admitted to the hospital and on Tuesday he succumbed to his injuries. Before dying the unfortunate man gave his statement to the police and told them that the person who stabbed him was his neighbour Prahlad. Prahlad it seems hated dogs as they used to bark at him and he held Brij Mohan responsible for that. According to him dogs used to bark at him because Brij Mohan used to feed them. Now how illogical is that but unfortunately majority of the population think just that. They hold the caregivers responsible for dog bites and dog barking. They just dont understand that it is their behaviour towards dogs which is provoking them to bark and bite and it is they who need to change themselves and their attitude towards dogs and not the dogs. Feeding dogs will only make them friendly and not vice versa as is the general perception of people in Delhi and other places in India. Anyhow, after stabbing Prahlad was on a run and on wednesday the Delhi police nabbed him and arrested him.  According to Sapna who is one of the family members of Brij Mohan they are being threatened and are being forced to withdraw the case. Now how pathetic and preposterous is that? A man has been killed and the culprit's family has the audacity to ask them to withdraw the case? Anyway the police is investigating the case. For the details of the case kindly go on the following link: