As per Hinduism there are four Yugas: Satyug, Tretayug, Dwaparyug and Kalyug. In Satyug man is suppose to be righteous and good, not corrupt at all, in Tratayug man is slightly corrupt and unrighteous, in Dwaparyug man is a little more corrupt and becomes bad and in Kalyug man becomes the epitome of evil and corruption.

In Kalyug the good man gets punished and the wicked is rewarded 

Well, seeing the conditions of animals and their caregivers we can say that Kalyug has definitely entered India. 

Recently what happened with Ayesha Christina the founder of Neighbourhood Woof and her team is a clear cut example of how good and humane peope are being treated in India. She had to literally beg for an FIR inspite of being a lady as the police had gone deaf and dumb. 

Her only crime was that she had gone to pick up dogs for sterilization. Something which is absolutely legal and at the moment is the need of the hour in Delhi.

Thankfully an FIR has ultimately been lodged against the perpetrators but only after her video became viral on social media and the Delhi commission for women chairperson Swati Maliwal intervened. Isn't that shameful? One has to beg for justice in the capital of India. 

To read about the entire incident kindly go on the links below:

As per dog rules ABC programme is mandatory for all the municipal corporations in India. They conduct the programme by hiring NGOs who implement the programme. But unfortunately except the corporation and the NGOs nobody knows about the ABC programme. The common man knows nothing about dog rules which came into existence in the year 2001. Under it, the dogs can only be picked by the corporation and the NGO for sterilization and then should be dropped back to its original location. 

The million dollar question is that how many people know about this rule ? Except few caregivers the majority in India is absolutely ignorant. If the MCD had created awareness about the ABC programme and the role of the NGO then probably Ayesha and her team members would have never gone through this physical and emotional torture. People of Rani Bagh would have rather helped them in catching the dogs for sterilization. It is only the people who catch dogs know how difficult it is to catch them. And instead of thanking these people for their selfless and great service they are being beaten up and abused. Just how disgusting is that 

Neighbourhood woofs has a very good reputation. The caregivers who have got their dogs sterilized from there say that they take utmost care of the dogs. But just see the reward they have got for their good work......This is indeed a sign of Kalyug

Just the opposite of Neighbourhood woof is Veterinary Society for Animal Welfare & Rural Development (VSAWRD). According to caregivers from Baroda ( Gujarat) Kuhu Roy and her mother Hansa Roy who take care of more than 100 stray dogs right from their feeding, medication, vaccination and sterilization,  VSAWRD was given contract to conduct the ABC programne in Baroda in the year 2016 - 2017 but due to malpractices their contract got cancelled. They were accused of indulging in killing and relocating of dogs in the name of ABC programme. Inspite of several FIRs lodged against them no action has been taken against them till now. But the most shocking element is that inspite of FIRs and allegations of malpractices they have been allowed to carry on the ABC programme in the city of Indore (Madhya Pradesh), Surat ( Gujarat) and now they have been given permission to carry the dog killing and relocation in the garb of ABC programme in the city of Ludhiana (Punjab). Kuhu Roy has written a letter to the Chairman, AWBI dated 22nd June 2020 seeking prosecution and blacklisting of VSAWRD from carrying out the ABC programme. Few of the malpractices they were found indulging in are given below:

1 Picking up sterilized dogs and relocating them

2 Instead of notching the ears they cut the corners of the ears with blade that too in the most shaby manner

3 They picked up lactating mothers and small pups for sterilization

4  They did not give post operative care

5 Many dogs were not given rabies vaccination 

To read more about how the VSAWRD was running a dog killing and dislocation unit kindly go on the link below:

An organization which has plethora of FIRs against it has been rewarded with more ABC contracts.

Isn't this Kalyug?????

India certainly seems to have entered Kalyug