An animal cruelty case has been reported from Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

A lady dog hater picked up five pups and their mother and dumped them at an unknown location to die. The caregivers who happen to be a father and his brave daughter tried their best to stop the cruel woman from relocating the dogs but the woman just didn't listen. Apparently, the accused woman has always been creating trouble for the caregivers for feeding the dogs. The caregivers had made a nice home for the mother dog and her pups to protect them from the cold winter and rain. But their happiness was short-lived. Today the dogs are in in the open absolutely hungry and thirsty and probably being attacked by other dogs.. God knows if the pups are still alive. Also, one pup was brutally crushed by the accused woman by her car. She did it deliberately. The dog house was not made inside the dog hater's living room or bedroom. The house was built in the common area which was not her property. The justification which the accused gave for relocating the dogs was that what if the dogs bite her kids? And then the kids will have to get 14 injections for rabies prevention. Also the dog's poop near their house which makes their place dirty. So it's best to throw them out of the colony. To read about the entire incident and the to watch the cruel lady and the victim mother dog and her pups kindly go on the link below:

The caregivers were brave enough to have lodged an FIR against the culprits. They are thanking the police commissioner but initially, their own local police did not help them. Wonder just how many caregivers of India can approach the commissioner of their state and in how many cases will the commissioner intervene? 

We Indians have forgotten the relevance and importance of swachhta (cleanliness). The accused woman has a dirty filthy mind which desperately requires cleaning. She could only see the poop of the dog but not the pain and agony of the animal. In this cold winter, she has thrown them somewhere. And even killed one under her car. While she picked each pup right under the nose of the mother dog neither the mother nor her pups bit her yet she was complaining that the dogs may bite her kids. And then they will have to be given 14 injections for rabies prevention. 

It is human cruelty which provokes stray dogs to bite us. They never bite otherwise. Also bite of a normal, healthy dog does not require injection as it is not rabid. And for God's sake gone are the days when humans had to be given 14 injections as rabies prevention after a dog bite. 

This incident brings out three things very clearly;

1 Humanity in India is definitely at a downfall. And Swachhta Abhiyan (cleanliness drive) is being used as a weapon by the majority of the dog haters to either relocate the dogs or kill them. 

2 The accused lady has no knowledge about rabies nor about its prevention. This is true for the majority of the population of India. There are a lot of myths attached with stray dogs and unfortunately, municipal corporations have done nothing to bust the myths.

The Municipal corporation of Lucknow should create awareness about dog behaviour and conduct annual rabies vaccination in their area. 

If only the corporation had been conducting sterilisation drive and vaccination drive properly then today the mother dog and her babies would not be a victim of such human cruelty.

This is true for even the capital of India