A message went viral on various animal WhatsApp groups on 5th January 2021. The reporter (M+91 70153 xxxxxx) had posted the following message:

"This is the incident of my colony where a sick family beats my babies daily with rods and cold water. He injured my lil pupper so badly that her leg was broken (pic in the post). Various attempts are made in the police station and to Maneka mam but he is politically strong so our attempts are going useless"

Just wonder how a small puppy can be a threat to we humans? They neither bite nor attack. Instead they are attacked by we humans with rods, bricks, bat, sticks, cold water......and the list goes on. The culprits in this case are politically strong. Nothing can be more shameful than this. Political leaders giving patronage to such immoral and criminal minded people. The people who are beating animals today won't budge from beating humans tomorrow. 

This incident of dog cruelty is from. Jodhpur, Rajasthan. A family hates dogs and cannot bear their sight so they think they can beat the dogs away. They beat dogs with rods and sticks. They even tried to drug the dogs of the area. Kindly go to the link below to see the nasty old man beating the dog:


This is another case of dog cruelty from Sangam Vihar, Delhi. To read about the incident kindly go on the link below:


About two weeks back four puppies were relocated by a govt official's wife in Karnal, Haryana. She dumped 4 of them at an unknown location just because she didn't like dogs. The caregivers were bold enough to have filed a case against the cruel lady and were able to recover two of them. The other two are still missing. By all likelihood they must be dead by now. They may have died of starvation, cold weather or dog attacks.  To read the whole incident in detail kindly go on the link below:



Wonder how small pups can be a threat to we humans? 

If dogs are such a big threat to we humans because they bark, bite and attack we innocent and helpless humans then what about the cow and their calves? Do they also bite, bark and attack we innocent people?

The cow is considered Mother by the majority of Indians. She is revered and considered holy. She is even worshipped in a few religions. But is cow's life any better in India? Or her plight is the same as the dogs? 

A video went viral about two days back where a calf along with his mother was standing on the streets of Mandawali, East Delhi when he suddenly attacked a passerby. The attack was a mild one and the man was totally shocked and taken aback. The packets he was holding in his hands fell down. Instantly the man reacted, he kicked the calf with his leg, held the calf by his horns and punched him several times. And then this criminal-minded man thought a little more as if his revenge was still not over. He had to teach the calf a lesson. So this disgusting man with full planning returned with a brick in his hand and beat up the calf till he fell down. The calf was seriously injured and was taken to the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre where his condition is not good. He is still not able to stand. The man was arrested but later was released on bail. To watch the criminal mind of this dirty filthy mam kindly go on the link below:


There are two things which are very clear from seeing such incidents of cruelty:

1 People who are cruel to dogs will never be kind to any animal. The man who has beaten the calf by all likelihood must have beaten dogs too in his area. These are the same people who make all kinds of excuses against dogs like they bark at us, bite us and attack us. They poop and dirty the area.

The reality however is just the reverse. It is we Indians who most of the time attack them, beat them, kill them and are responsible for all the garbage and dirt on the streets. 

2 Our Animal Laws need to be amended. Prevention of cruelty to animals act needs amendment. They have to become stricter with higher penalties.

If Indian leaders have a dream of making India a world leader then they cannot do it by neglecting animal welfare and pardoning people who indulge in animal cruelty. 

Because more civilized a society more humane it is and more uncivilised a society more barbaric it is. And India definitely doesnt want to become a barbaric state.