We have witnessed dogs being murdered by being poisoned, burnt alive, beaten up with sticks and even attacked by knives. But in Karnal, Haryana dogs are being murdered in the name of sterilisation. Now, how preposterous and inhuman is that. They are being legally killed. 

A brave caregiver has exposed the ruthlessness and grave negligence of  Daksha Foundation who is running a sterilisation drive for the stray dogs in Karnal. They are running the ABC programme just for the namesake because the dogs are operated in the most negligent and shabby manner. Many of the dogs known to the caregiver have died due to infection post sterilisation. In the video made by the caregiver, the operated area of the dog can be seen open and infected. Many dogs which were picked up by the centre have never been released back. Hence, the centre very conveniently has been indulging in the relocation of dogs which is an offence. Some have died due to poor hygiene in the centre. In this cold weather where we humans are wearing at least two sweaters, the dogs picked up for sterilisation are made to sit on cold cemented floors. How disgusting and inhuman is that. The dogs can be seen flocked together in one room. According to the caregiver, there is a very poor arrangement of food too. The dogs are kept hungry for days together. To watch the brave caregiver expose the killing of dogs in the name of sterilisation kindly go on the link below:


For such killer centres, all that matters is money. The municipal corporation gives them a contract to carry out sterilisation and vaccination and then this is what they do. They operate the poor dog. Take out their ovaries, testicles and small corner piece of their right ear (notched ear) and then they show it as proof of sterilisation to the corporation. The corporation then reimburses them. 

So it's all about money and numbers. Both the municipal corporation and the ABC centre damn care about the dog who has been sterilised. They just are interested in how many dogs got sterilised but how many died and how many survived post sterilisation is not recorded. This is a big loophole in the system which needs to be corrected. 

Wonder why the corporations have not roped in the caregivers in the process of sterilisation? Are the people sitting in the corporation lack basic common sense or they are deliberately not involving the caregivers in the process. 

 Without people's participation, the ABC programme can never become successful. The Delhi Municipal Corporation has been running this program for the last two decades now but just see it's impact........neither the dog population seems to have controlled nor the man-dog conflict. Rather both seem to be on a rise and the corporation is doing nothing about it. Just by opening ABC centres, the two problems cannot be solved. They have to rope in the caregivers and for that they have to create awareness. And also they have to create awareness about the program. 

Unfortunately the same unsystematic and random pick and drop approach is being followed by all the municipal corporations of India. This needs to change.

Karnal Municipal Corporation 



Few boards have been put in the Patparganj / Mayur Vihar area in East Delhi which says not to feed birds ( pic in the post). The boards probably have been put when many vehicle owners found it difficult to drive on the roads due to overcrowding of pigeons in a particular area. This was primarily happening because men started selling bajra (millet) for pegions and then  people started buying bajra from them and started feeding the birds. Hence the birds concentrated at one place.

So it seems to stop people from.feeding the birds the authorities have put up these boards. The boards have been hanging for past several months now but no one knows who is responsible for putting these boards. Is it the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi), the Delhi Traffic Police or some other body or agency?

One such board has been installed right at the entrance of Mayur Vihar Phase 2. 

Just imagine what kind of message is being given to the common man who sees that board? The message is loud and clear that we should not feed the birds. As if it is a crime to feed the birds.

The context in which these boards were put is not mentioned nor the name of the authority which has put such mindless boards but the most inhuman and insensitive message has been communicated to the common man of India. And the message is DO NOT FEED BIRDS

If at all the govt had to stop the overcrowding of pegions they just had to remove the vendor who was selling Bajra. Which of course has been removed but what was the need of putting such anti bird boards? 

After dog menace now the people of Delhi are complaining of monkey menace.

So to counter this problem most of the RWAs of East Delhi have hired men and security guards to shoo away the monkeys. They have instructed their men to chase away the monkeys  with sticks and gulale (slingshot) hence the monkeys are hounded and chased right from sunrise to sunset. They are not even given a minute time to rest on branches of the trees. Men have become so evil that they have encroached even public parks and do not want to share their parks and the fruits on the trees with these poor souls. And these RWAs are just busy pleasing the majority of their voters. Even if it means supporting the illegal encroachments of public parks by their priced voters and beating the monkeys away. 

If the monkeys are left unharmed and in peace then they will neither attack us or bite us but these RWAs are busy creating hostility in the minds of these monkeys. 

And the day is not far when the same monkeys will start biting the residents. Thanks to our foolish RWAs and their foolish decisions. 

The least the RWAs could have done was asked the residents not to hound the monkeys away from trees. The trees which do not belong to anyone and is not anyone's private property. 

Most of the RWAs in India are opportunists who are only looking for votes and doing things that pleases their majority voters. 

But former RWA President Rajesh Sehgal (M- 91 9810xxxxx) has been an exception. He was the RWA president of an East Delhi Colony. In a true sense an educated man who had returned from Canada. He was progressive and wanted to do something good for his colony but all his dreams were shattered very soon when a few years back he was implicated in a false case. 

This is what one of the caregivers  (doesn't want the identity to be disclosed) of his colony wrote about him:

"Mr. Sehgal ( ex. RWA president) had to bear the brunt of supporting a girl, who had a pet ...he had to leave this colony, his house and now lives somewhere else .....he was a popular RWA president for being helpful and honest but police made his life so miserable that he had to leave overnight"

Last year Rajesh came out with a book that not only talked about his ordeal but the ordeal of many caregivers and people like him who have been falsely implicated in cases without actually committing any sin. 

This is what he wrote to one of the caregivers of his former colony from where he was hounded away:

"You know this fact that many people who themselves have undergone harassment and anguish due to menace of false FIRs and fake cases or suffered or faced police handedness and misconduct at any times but remained silent in fear and humiliation.
I have taken up this social cause and spent months of resources in researching and writing this book on the subject.

I shall be highly grateful if you download this book from link and write a Review and also give your star ratings to support this cause in Public Interest and welfare of common persons.

Thanks and regards"

The name of the book is "Not guilty fabricated - Implication Report -FIR" and it is available on Amazon. The link is shared below:


Hats off to Rajesh who showed courage to fight back against the mighty and the powerful. But he is not alone who has suffered. There are many like him who have suffered injustice, humiliation and trauma for speaking for the voiceless. 

Most of the man-animal conflict in India is due to corrupt officials and quick-fix solutions given by the RWA and Govt administration who know nothing about animal behaviour and the long-run repercussions their solutions will have on the residents.

It's time the AWBI issued strict guidelines that no one is authorised (Police /MCD / Public/RWA) to put up any kind of boards or posters concerning animals and birds without their prior permission. It is the AWBI alone who should decide what posters to be put and what should be the content of the posters.