A Teenager kills dog in Mumbai; Relocation of puppies in Delhi and Andhra Pradesh

29 APR 2021 — 

A teenager in Mumbai gouged the eyes of a dog before beating him repeatedly with a bamboo stick leading to the death of the dog in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Peta India with the help of the commissioner of the area has lodged an FIR against the culprit. To read the entire report kindly go on the link below:


A dog has an injury in his eye. His left eye is bleeding and his face was swollen. According to the reporter the dog has been hit by bricks and stones of which few hit his eye. To watch the unfortunate dog kindly go on the link below:


God knows when will such cruelties stop? 

In Vasant Kunj, Delhi ten puppies were relocated out of which six got traced but four are still missing (pic in the post). 


In Andhra Pradesh few people tried to separate a mother dog from her puppies. The devils did try to relocate the puppies but the reporter intervened just in time. Just watch how the human devil's had put the puppies in the bag and were about to take them away from their mother on a two-wheeler. 


How can relocation of small puppies help anyone? 

The people who indulge in such inhuman act are anyway doing a great sin. Separating a mother from her pups and then dumping the pups at some remote place to die is as good as murdering them because eventually, their chances of survival without their mother will become very less. They have not only to hunt for their food and water but also to protect themselves from being attacked by big unfriendly dogs of that territory. And if by chance they survive then they will continue breeding. 

The poor helpless mother will reproduce again because these cruel people don't think of getting the dogs sterilized. Mainly because of ignorance. So once when she delivers babies again the same shameless people will again take away her babies and leave them somewhere to die or who knows next time they might relocate the mother too along with her babies or worse may poison them all.

When will the municipal corporations create awareness about the ABC program and teach people the importance of not relocating the dogs from their area. Relocation is a legal offence as well as a sin which is unforgivable. Dog population can never get controlled if people continue relocating dogs like this. 

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