Atrocities continue against the Indian dog: Dogs murdered in Dehradun, Chennai

A dog named Bholu was murdered in broad day light in Dehradun, the capital of Utrakhand. When the female caregivers/ animal rights activists tried to raise their voice against the injustice the culprits tried to manhandle these women as well. To watch the brutal killing of Bholu kindly go on the link below:


A secretary of a housing association of a posh apartment called villa viviana Govindapuram in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu and the secretary's wife tried to get a one year old dog picked and relocated in the most hostile and torturous manner. One has to watch the video below to see how in the most inhuman manner the dog was being picked by the dog catcher. But before the dog could be picked the caregivers raised an alarm and captured the cruelty in the camera. The dog catcher fled away leaving the dog with wounds. After suffering for two continuous days the dog finally died. The caregivers want the secretary and his wife to be booked on the charges of cruelty. They murdered the dog.


Are these people educated? Because such educated people are all over India. They neither know the animal laws nor dog rules 2001. For them an Indian dog is rabid, dirty and wild. The illiterates of India are far better than these so called educated beings who live in posh apartments and murder dogs and torture them almost daily. 

A barbarian picked a dog by one of her limbs and then swirled her in the air and then banged her ruthlessly against an auto rickshaw. And he did all this just for fun. This tragic incident took place in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. To watch the video kindly go on the link below:


A caregiver has shared her helplessness which is same for all caregivers in India.  They watch their furry friends die of hunger and thirst (Pic in the post). Just how many mouths can a handful of caregivers fill? India needs more caregivers who can give these most amazing souls food and water with lots of love and empathy. 


Unfortunately the people who should be taking right measures to stop cruelty against dogs and to ensure food, love and empathy for the street animals are either busy making registration policies for pet dogs or are installing composting machines to covert leftover food and vegetables into manure. 

Who will educate the masses of India about the ABC program, Dog rules (2001) and the animal laws?

Who will carry out rabies vaccination  drive for street dogs to make India canine rabies free?

Who will motivate people of India to adopt indian dogs who roam on the streets of India without homes? 

Who will remove the myth that stray dogs of India are wild and rabid. 

Are our municipal corporations addressing these most important and burning issues? Are they taking any measures to stop all this?

How many more murders of the man's best friend ???

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