Atrocoties continue: Puppy cut into pieces; Dog thrown from building; Dog beaten to death with brick

20 MAR 2022 — 

Today is International happiness day. One of the parameters to measure the happiness index is generosity. India no doubt lies quite low on the index which is 136 out of 150 countries. We Indians are becoming so cruel day by day especially towards the voiceless animals. It seems we have no generosity left for our animals. We just want to get rid of them.

A man in Naya Gaon, Punjab killed a dog by throwing bricks on him. Kindly go on the link below to see the the brutal killing of the dog


A puppy was cut into pieces by some unknown human monster. This incident seems to have taken place in Patna, Bihar. To watch the horrific video kindly go on the link below:


A dog named Kalu was thrown from a residential building in Mumbai. The poor baby died on the spot (Pic in the post). The residents had problem with the dogs. They had relocated puppies before and this time they killed Kalu. 


A dog has been attacked with a knife and his back has been cut. He is profusely bleeding and is in terrible pain. This unfortunate incident has taken place in Ghagwal in Jammu and Kashmir. 


In a very famous college (KJ Somaiya) of Mumbai around forty dogs are starving to death.  No food for them and no water. Kindly go on the link below to watch the plight of dogs:


Where is generosity? Somaiya college is not the only one in India. Majority of the schools and colleges treat stray dogs residing in their campus in a similar manner. They deprive them of food and water and force them to die. And  majority of them just throw them out of the campus. 

A child learns generosity from his parents and teachers. Unfortunately the parents and teachers in India are failing to teach their children generosity towards animals. Generosity for them is only confined to humans not animals. 

Just two days back the whole of India celebrated Holi the festival of colors. Few wreched men in Dehradun, Utrakhand celebrated the festival by throwing color in the eyes and nose of a dog who was tied and was absolutely helplessness. To watch the helplessness of the dog and the joy of his tormentors torturing the dog kindly go on the link below:


In another incident which took place in Haryana a bunch of goons celebrated the festival of Holi by pouring liquor forcibly into the mouth of a cattle. 


A disgusting psychopath in Indore, Madhya Pradesh was found indulging in oral rape of a female dog. 


If this is the way generosity continues towards our helpless and voiceless animals then the day is not far when India will reach the bottom on happiness index. 

Let's hope and pray that day never comes. 

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