Injured Cat

I know I havent been online for a long time. Thats coz I am trying to earn money to keep the website running hehe. Today I found a very injured cat . The cat had its ear torn , tail was long gone and one leg was completely ripped and twisted . No idea how it happened but however it did and the cat was in big trouble.
I called  circle of animal lovers and they came and picked up the cat. They have helped me before couple of times and this time too they didnt fail me.

I am pasting their phone numbers here incase some1 needs help or wants to help.

011 26531419, 011 26511569 http://www.circleofanimallovers.org/

I am also uploading two images of the cat but I apologise my cell camera pretty much sucks .

Take care All


Injured cat 2

injured cat

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