Cruelty against cats and dogs & harassment against caregivers continues in India

25 APR 2021 — 

India is nowadays engulfed in the second tsunami wave of Covid pandemic. There has been a huge causality in India. Every other person is fighting against this deadly covid virus. Either he himself or his family members/relatives / friends or neighbours. No one today in India is untouched by this virus.  Yet we Indians have still not learnt anything. We are praying to God everyday to protect us and all our dear ones but we are still not ready to mend our ways. Wonder how will God answer our prayers???? The people of India who preach the gyan of non-violence and good karma have today become the epitome of cruelty. That too cruelty against the voiceless. 

Six cats were brutally beaten, out of which three died in Mumbai. The culprit has not been identified. 


Puppies have been killed in a village and the boys who killed them are displaying this act of cruelty as their achievement. 


These are the two unfortunate cases where women caregivers have been physically assaulted and threatened by their own neighbours for feeding the dogs. And the dogs too are not safe. Well if such people are ready to kill humans then what they must be doing to the dogs one can well imagine. 



In Lucknow, a man beats the dogs. The reporter is trying to put sense into this foolish man but he thinks beating the dogs is his birthright and there is nothing wrong in this. 


These two women always beat stray dogs with sticks. The reporter is trying to put sense into them. 


A bike ran over a dog. The dog was badly injured. Unfortunately, he didn't get the medical aid which he should have so today he has lost his jaws and lips. His mouth was all eaten up by maggots. Kindly go on the link below to see the poor dog.


A puppy's face was crushed by a car and the helpless mother could do nothing. All she could do was cry in pain, agony and helplessness.


Well if we ask any of the above perpetrators that why they indulged in such animal cruelty?  They will all in unison say that they killed the cats and dogs or ran a bike or a car over the dog in self-defence. The cats and dogs were a threat to their life so they ran the bike or a car or beat them with sticks just to protect their life.

Is this self-defence? Should such accidents be pardoned and exempted from being punished under PCA Act?????

Well the proposal for amendment under the prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 has inserted a new section 11 (C) which exempts those people who kill animals in self defence and accidents. 

Let's hope this section is removed because it will only do more harm than any good to poor and helpless animals. 

Today was the last day for the stakeholders to send their suggestions for the amendment in the animal laws. Let's hope many who care for animals of India have send their suggestions. But not all who care must have send their suggestions. Their are many caregivers and stakeholders in India who are illiterate and are less educated. Many don't even know if such a proposal has been floated by the govt.  Also many are fighting a battle against covid, trying to save their lives and the lives of their near and dear ones.

The ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying and the animal welfare board of India should do justice with all the stakeholders, all who sent the email and all who could not. And above all the ministry should ensure that the amended laws should benefit the voiceless of India. Otherwise this amendment has no meaning. We are better off with old laws than news ones if they are toothless.

Today was also the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira. The godly man who was the founder of Jainism. The religion which preaches ahimsa towards all living beings. For a true jaini every living organism has a right to live and we as humans should not do anything which harms them or takes away their life.

It's a shame that in today's india many find nothing wrong in killing helpless animals.....

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