Cruelty against dogs continues in India; Municipal workers of Parbhani turn into devils

It seems we Indians deserve covid. Just watch the video at the given link and all doubts about corona as to why India is so badly hit by it will disappear.



This inhuman and cruel act is of Nagpur, Maharashtra

If the above video was not enough. Watch another video given below:


The men catching the dog are municipal workers from Parbhani municipal corporation, Maharashtra. They are catching dogs in the name of sterilization and then dumping them like a piece of trash at some remote place. Not just dumping they seem to be kiling the dogs too.  Had the brave boy not intervened and taken the video the municipal workers would have crushed the dog with iron shutter. It seems the men were enjoying their act of cruelty. The dog yelling and begging for his life and the ruthless, heartless men enjoying killing him. The dog would have died had the reporters not interfered. But who knows these men may have killed the dogs later........in a remote area.....that's how ABC program is being run.....disgusting and shameful.

Today it seems every covid patient is like these poor helpless animals begging for life. And the cruel men are corona virus who has no sympathy and no mercy. 

In another incident some human devils broke the spine of a dog and then threw him in a drain in Jamshedpur. Fortunately the dog was rescued. 


This is another case where a dog has a broken spine. Someone has broken it.


In another incident few men beat two dogs with wooden sticks. One was a blind dog and another an old dog. One of them seems to have died. This incident took place in Udaipur, Rajasthan.


A pet dog (German Shepherd) is being treated in the most ruthless and cruel manner by its owner in Delhi. Watch the video to see the plight of the dog 



Chief Minister of Maharashtra



Parbhani Municipal Corporation 



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