Dog beaten to death in Thane; 60 Equines die in Kedarnath

A dog was beaten to death in Ulhasnagar, Thane in Maharashtra (Pic in the post). He was beaten by a bamboo stick by a father and son for littering in their locality. 


Just few days back the Kedarnath Temple Committee had filed an FIR against an owner of a pet dog for bringing his pet to the Kedarnath Shrine and making him touch the feet of Nandi ( the bull of Lord Shiva).

The insensitive action taken by the temple committee has been criticized by a large section of the Indian society especially the Hindus who firmly believe that Lord Shiva makes no difference between humans and animals. And therefore the owner has done no crime by taking his pet dog to the shrine. 


There has been a heavy rush of pilgrims going to the Kedarnath shrine. Thousands of people are visiting the temple daily. It's a very difficult 19 km trek from Gauri Kund therefore the pilgrims use horses and mules to go both uphill and downhill. The owners of these equines have become so greedy that they are making them take many rounds which is leaving the equines starved, and tired. Since may 5th  2022 sixty (60) equines have already died and the veterinarians are saying that they have died due to starvation and exertion.  Kindly go on the link below to see how the poor animals are being tortured just for greed. 


To read the entire report on this tragic incident kindly go on the link below:


To watch the video kindly go on the link below:


Isn't this cruelty? Shouldn't FIR be lodged against the owners of these mules and horses who have murdered their animals because of greed? 

An owner of a pet dog who took his dog up the hill on his back and made him take the blessings of Lord Shiva and his bull Nandi has been reprimanded by the temple committee by filing an FIR against him. And the owners who out of greed have starved their horses and mules to death have not even been questioned. No FIRs and no punishments for them.

Shouldn't the temple committee of Kedarnath lay down strict guidelines for the owners of equines so that such tragic incidents do not happen in future. 

Hinduism is a way of life which teaches we humans to coexist peacefully with animals. Unfortunately the real spirit of Hinduism seems to be vanishing. 

Isn't it time the govt redefines animal cruelty? Shouldn't these owners be punished for exploiting their animals? 

When will the Govt amend the 60 year old animal laws? When will the prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 get amended? 

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