Dog shot in Bhopal, Dogs brutally beaten up in Mumbai and Ambala; Dogs in Delhi turn Angels at night

Cruelty against dogs is just not coming to a halt in India. Rather it's only increasing day by day.

A dog in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh was shot by air gun (pic in the post). He received around four shots. The pellets are still in his body. His back is paralyzed and he is in a critical condition. 


Two dogs were tortured by two men in Mumbai. The men smashed the face of the dogs with their feet and then forced them in plastic bags and then left them to die. These human monsters even physically assaulted and used filthy language for a female animal rights activist of team Farishtey, the NGO which rescued the dogs. The dogs are in a critical condiruin. An FIR has been lodged against the culprits. Kindly watch the video to see how cruel men have become.


A dog was tied and beaten up and his jaw was torn apart after he barked at his perpetrator. This happened in Ambala in Haryana. 


This is a small video made by a lady who finds walking alone at night on the roads of Delhi very unsafe. She is not scared of stray dogs who surround her and give her protection but the humans who pass lewd remarks and make any lady walking on the deserted street feel unsafe. Kindly watch the angels at night protecting the women of India....

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