EDMC convert left over vegetables & food into manure while street animals go hungry

Residents of Mira Road, Mumbai have got their boundary walls painted with pictures of compassion towards animals. The painter who was painting the walls told the reporter how important animals are for our society and that we should give food and love to our street animals. Instead of throwing the excess food in the garbage we should give the food to the street animals. Kindly go on the link below to watch the fantastic initiative taken by the Mira Road Residents. This is indeed one of the best ways to create awareness in our Indian society.


The municipal corporation of Delhi has also got the walls of Delhi painted but the message is only about cleanliness drive. To keep our city clean. There is nothing wrong with the cleanliness message but why can't the corporation put such information which people of Delhi are ignorant about. The message about kindness towards street animals, the ABC program and the animal laws. This is what people do not know in Delhi.

While Mumbai people are encouraging people to give the leftover food to the street animals the Delhi Govt is telling them to convert the leftover food into manure. They have installed machines to make compost manure out of the leftover food. The green vegetables which are thrown and are left by the vegetable vendors and residents are being picked up and brought to these machines and the same are converted into manure.

There are thousands of cattle both on the streets of Delhi and in animal shelters who need food. Hungry cows, bulls and calfs are often seen in the garbage bin eating trash in the city of Delhi. 

Cow dung is a good source of manure which India has in plenty. So why do we Indians need to make manure out of fresh green vegetables?

Well, composting machines may be of use for other waste products but not vegetables and food which may have been used for these animals. The govt instead of installing composting machines in residential areas should have done a better job by encouraging people of residential colonies to give their leftover green vegetables and food to street animals like cats, dogs and cows.

And as usual, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation has again taken a lead in this most insane endeavor. They just can't see the street animals who go hungry, especially the cows who survive on the leftover food and vegetables....unfortunately their food is being used to make manure. What a tragedy.


The pic in the post is of an East Delhi residential colony where a composting machine has been installed. Everyday leftover vegetables are brought from the vegetable market and put in this machine. The vegetable which could have become the food for cattle is, unfortunately, being converted into manure.

Is this giving any revenue to the govt?  Most likely not. The cost of running this most insane project must be in lakhs. The machine cost, the installation cost, the manpower cost, the transportation cost of getting the vegetables from the market to the machine and then the preservation and packaging of the manure. 

It's time the municipal corporation of Delhi and the Delhi Government start thinking about the animals of Delhi too. Think of sensible, workable and beneficial projects which benefit both the people and animals of Delhi. 

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