Kitten swirled in air; Dog beaten; Dog walks 5 kilometre to say goodbye to Jain Monk

7 MAY 2021 — 

A very friendly dog was beaten by a drunk man which caused fracture to one of his limbs. Luckily the dog got medical aid but not all dogs are as lucky as this one. Kindly go on the link below to watch the dog:


Just to derive sadistic pleasure a boy put a kitten in a bag and swirled the bag several times in the air and then threw the kitten on the floor. Just watch the video to see the trauma of the small cat. 


The reporter has requested not to share the video till the culprit is caught. 

No wonder many today in India are struggling to breath after being infected by corona. Cruelty by humans is nothing less than corona for these voiceless, helpless animals. They too struggle to survive. No life is less precious than human life and every life on this planet has equal right to live. Our ancestors believed in this truth and practiced this as well but unfortunately the present generation has forgotten it. 

Jainism was founded by Lord Mahavira. A religion which believes in total ahimsa. Jainism believes that every living organism has a right to life. While most of us may not think twice before killing a mosquito, insect or an ant but a true Jaini won't. Ofcourse in this Kalyug such Jainis are hard to find but one such Jaini did live in Surat, Gujarat. And this was validated by her dog.

The female monk was 100 year old when  she died in Surat, Gujarat. People took out her procession to perform her last rites which was a five kilometre walk. Surprisingly the monk's dog walked along with the procession and stayed with the the rest of the people till the monk's last rites were performed (pic in the post). 


They say dog's can see the dead and they have a very strong sixth sense by which they can sense any kind of danger or evil which might put the life of their owner in danger. They have the power to ward off evil. 

Unfortunately we Indians are busy killing these poor souls. The ones who could protect us are unfortunately being destroyed by us.  

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