Madhya Pradesh a nightmare for dogs: Dog killed in Gwalior; ABC a mockery in Bhopal

On Wednesday 5th Jan 2022 a man brutally killed a dog. This incident took place in Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. The dog used to often come to play with the female pet dog of the accused. The accused used to shoo away the dog but on Wednesday he lost his temper and hit the dog several times with a stick till he died.  To watch the beast kill a voiceless and helpless dog kindly go on the link below;



FIR has been lodged against the culprit. Peta India and Meet Ashar of Peta shared an update on this gruesome incident. Kindly go on the link below:



Bratin Chakraborty of PFA has shared another update on this case where he is saying that the culprit is still roaming free. 


Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. In the capital a three year old girl was attacked by a pack of stray dogs. And then what happened is nothing unusual in a county like India where most of the time things are done just to please the ministers and Chief Ministers. Well the municipal corporation has started picking up all the dogs. Old dogs, puppies, lactating mothers and pregnant dogs. 


A reporter went and spoke to the father of the child who was dragged and bitten by the dogs. The child has been hospitalized. The father has said that the dogs should not be removed from the colony. 


What happened to the child is shameful and should not have happened. But is it really the dogs who are at fault?

The bitter truth is that it is our fault that the dogs behave in such an aggressive manner. We leave them hungry, thirsty, wet and shivering in the cold. On top of it we humans beat them, pour cold water, hot water and sometimes acid on them. Many have witnessed their siblings and parents being killed or relocated right in front of their eyes. How can we expect them to be sweet and gentle to us. And then we humans have the audacity to call them rabid, wild, ferocious and a threat to our children. 

The Bhopal municipal corporation as always is doing a quick fix solution. This is both illegal and inhuman. 

As per dog rules 2001 the municipal corporations can only pick up unsterilized dogs and get them sterilized. And once sterilized they have to be dropped back at the same place from where they were picked up. Unfortunately the capital of Madhya Pradesh has made a mockery of the system. They hired four private trucks to catch the dogs. The ABC centers are full. In fact in one of the centres there were puppies too. The municipal workers got the mother and her babies there because she used to bark at the passerby. Now the puppies will stay at the centre till they have grown. 

Well ABC centres are the most infectious places. The puppies won't survive there for a very long time. 

And keeping puppies there is not permitted as per ABC rules. 

Sterilized dogs, Puppies, pregnant dogs, lactating mothers and sick dogs cannot be taken to the ABC centre. Then how come the Municipal corporation of Bhopal is breaking all the rules?

If the stray dog population has increased in Bhopal then it's entirely the fault of the municipal corporation and not of the dogs.

It is the commissioners, the councillors and mayors who should be punished for their failure in controlling the dog population. Instead it is the dog who is being punished. This is grave injustice. 

It's high time the govt of India and all the state govts start taking the ABC program seriously. 

We need effective implementation of the ABC program along with public awareness. And both are not happening in India. The only thing which is happening is killing of dogs and relocation of dogs........and God knows how long will this continue.........

Unfortunately the dog in India is seen as rabid and not as man's best friend and it is our govt machinery which is primarily responsible for this negative mindset. 

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh



Municipal corporation of Bhopal 



Commissioner of Bhopal 



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