Man killed in Calcutta for opposing cruelty against the stray; Dog mercilessly beaten in Chandigarh

A car driver who was an animal lover and a caregiver was killed by two men when he stopped them from pelting stones at stray dogs in Calcutta, West Bengal (pic in the post)  The two cruel and insane men were badly offended when they were stopped from abusing and torturing the dogs.and in rage they punched the car driver. And the driver then died of cardiac arrest. Imagine this is the kind of lawlessness and cruelty which is prevailing in some parts of India. Men killing men. 


In another incident which took place in Punjab a dog was beaten mercilessly with a stick. The dog is badly injured. Luckily the case has been taken up by a lawyer. Kindly go on the link below to see the cruelty with which the dog was beaten:


West Bengal chief Minister 



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