Mother dog and pups run over by car; Dog beaten brutally; Caregivers acquitted in false case

13 APR 2021 — 

This incident is the height of cruelty. A driver of a car deliberately ran over a feeding mother dog along with her pups on the streets of Uttar Pradesh. The driver could have easily stopped the car but he chose to run over the family. And it seems both the mother and her pups died on the spot. One has to watch this shameful incident to believe it. 


Nothing is mentioned in the link given below. But it seems that this unfortunate incident has taken place in Gujarat. There is a man standing with a stick and others telling him that what he has done is wrong. It seems the man with the stick has beaten the dog. At the end of the video we can see a young girl caressing the almost dead dog. Isn't it shameful that a big man beats a dog barbarically and then drags him mercilessly by his leg and a young girl half his age is showing love and compassion towards the badly tortured dog. How can a dog be a threat to.an adult man and a friend to a young girl????? He is the same dog but the perception of the two people towards him is so different. One is killing him and the other saving him.........


Two caregivers from Thane, Maharashtra were arrested by the police. They were handcuffed and then paraded around their residential society just to show the others that this is what will happen to anyone who dares to feed stray dogs. They were later released on bail. Their only crime was that one of the dogs they used to feed bit another resident. Hence, they were charged with negligence as pet owners. But the law does not consider caregivers as pet owners. They were not owners and hence were not responsible for the dog's behaviour. People who are bitten by stray dogs are often bitten due to their provocative behaviour and not because caregivers feed them, provide medical aid to them or empathize with them. But the minute any stray dog bites someone they start holding the caregivers responsible. This is utter nonsense but just see how these two men were implicated in a false case and then further humiliated by parading them as if they were some terrorist. Anyway the nine-year ordeal of the two gentlemen has come to an end. The court has cleared the case and said that feeding dogs is not a crime. Sanjeev Dighe and Yatin Mhatre were the two brave men who suffered due to our faulty system. Infact it should be the policemen who should now be paraded and arrested for booking these men under wrong section. A section which is applicable to pet owners and not caregivers.   The two men have finally been acquitted.

Very recently a well-known film director Partho Ghosh had a quarrel with his society management for feeding the stray dogs. He was fined Rs 1000 in his maintenance bill for feeding the dogs. Just imagine this is the kind of awareness the most educated people of India have about dogs and dog rules.

In the above historical case the judicial magistrate Jaishree Poonawala in her order has remarked that “feeding stray dogs is not a crime”,. She has further added that strays are not the same as pets and hence certainly not the sole responsibility of those who feed them. This is indeed a historic judgement and one which has brought justice to the mute animals who.are tormented on regular basis and their caregivers who are often victimised and punished by their own fellow beings for no fault of theirs.

Thank God for the Indian judiciary and such honourable judges who have never let down the victim whether it be humans or be animals. 


After reading the above article whose link is given above it becomes very clear that people who help the stray are treated like criminals and ones who are cruel towards them are supported and hailed by the law enforcement agencies. 

These are the signs of a barbaric state and not a civilized state. Where people are falsely charged and paraded like criminals for being kind to animals and people who kill animals and crush them under their wheels are left free to commit more such crimes. 

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