Savior turns Predator: Delhi Police beats a dog






Today on 10th Jan 2022 a Delhi Police employee has beaten a stray dog with a wooden stick. The incident took place in broad daylight right in the capital. The capital which houses the Supreme Court, the Parliament house, the President House, the Prime Minister's house and the residences and offices of all the heads of various departments and ministries which run this country. They all seem to collectively fail in stopping dog cruelty. The cruelty which is only increasing with each passing day......

Well, how can they when the saviours turn into predators????

It is the duty of the police to save the life of the stray dogs. But what if the police only become a threat to their life. Few police personnel from the Jafrabad police station, Delhi were on the surveillance of the area. They were on a bike when they found a stray dog staring at them as if he would bite them. This made these swollen-headed policemen angry and they thought of teaching this poor soul a lesson. One of them got down from the bike and started beating the dog with a thick wooden stick. He left the dog half dead and fled away in the bike. Luckily the children who were a witness to this incident took a glimpse of the cruelty on their mobile phone. The video is now viral all over social media. Kindly go on the link below to see how saviours turn into predators:


The condition of the dog is not good. He is currently undergoing treatment at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre. To watch the dog kindly go on the link below:


The atrocities committed by police on these voiceless souls is nothing new but many go unreported. The dogs are abused, beaten and treated like filth by the people who are suppose to protect them. 

In Mhow in Madhya Pradesh four puppies barely a month old were brutally killed. Their faces were smashed. The traumatized mother and one of her puppies are the only two left alive. 


A country where the police which is suppose to punish those who indulge in dog cruelty is itself indulging in dog cruelty and municipal corporation which is suppose to implement the ABC program is itself relocating and throwing dogs into jungles.......... then how justified it is to expect the common man of India not to indulge in killing, beating and relocating of dogs?



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