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Dogs & Pigs to be thrown out of urban areas in UP; Pups killed in Pune; Dog killed in West Bengal



15 APR 2022 — 

The Urban Development Minister of Uttar Pradesh has ordered the removal of stray dogs and pigs from cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh (Pic in the post). He said that this step is being taken to stop the population of stray dogs which is growing day by day and to stop the spread of diseases due to these animals. Also, he mentioned that a child was attacked by a pack of dogs which led to her death. Hence, to counter these problems and to have zero tolerance to such incidents the dogs and pigs be removed. 


Well, what happened to the small child is indeed very unfortunate and shameful. This should not have happened. But who is responsible for the child's death? Is it the dogs or is it their uncontrolled population, their hunger and their hostile attitude towards humans for which we humans are responsible? 

Dog is considered the man's best friend but in India, the Indian dog who unfortunately is mostly a stray is looked with contempt and hatred. He is feared and the parents often tell their children not to go close to him because he will bite. And if God forbid he bites then people declare him rabid and beat him to death. 

Amongst the masses of India, there is hardly any knowledge of dog behaviour and canine rabies. 

The honourable Supreme Court of India has already made ABC (Animal birth control) program mandatory for stray dogs in India. Then why isn't the ABC program being implemented in every city and town of India? Why are our leaders waiting for the dog population to grow and for such unfortunate incidents to happen?

If the ABC program was implemented in a systematic manner and with people's participation then all these problems would not have resulted. If every stray dog was treated with love and care and was made to play with children then the tragic accident which took place in Uttar Pradesh could have been easily avoided. 

How will throwing the stray dogs and pigs out of the urban areas of Uttar Pradesh solve the problem? 

1 Will it change the hostile mindset which people have towards Indian stray dogs?

2 will the dogs be thrown in the forests and village areas? Then how will their population be controlled? They will anyway multiply outside the cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh and will again make their way in the cities or they may die due to hunger and thirst. 

What about the ABC program? Shouldn't the govt open up ABC units in each district and ask the municipality to sterilize and vaccinate stray dogs with the help of dog feeders and caregivers in their area?

Why can't our state govts create awareness about the Indian dog and its behaviour?  Our leaders should stop finding short term solutions and instead find solutions that are sustainable and beneficial for both the animals and humans. 

A dog was tied to a bike and dragged in the most brutal fashion in Ajmer, Uttar Pradesh. This is the kind of mindset people have towards Indian stray dogs. Will the urban development minister of Uttar Pradesh find solutions to these problems? It's the wicked mindset that needs to be addressed. Throwing dogs away will not change anything. It is our attitude towards them that needs to be changed.


A dog was beaten to death in West Bengal


A lady in Pune killed small puppies just because her daughter got a scratch from a stray dog. So now this lady is taking revenge by killing all innocent puppies. 


A pup was badly beaten up in Pune, Maharashtra


A stray dog who was sterilized was dropped at a wrong place in Old Rajinder Nagar by the municipal corporation of Delhi van. The reporter has spread the word around so that the dog is identified and taken back to her original location. It may be just one wrong drop for the municipal corporation but they have no idea that  their irresponsible behaviour has risked its life. The dog will be hounded and attacked by other dogs and eventually the dog will die of hunger, thirst and wounds. 


Delhi Municipal Corporation should have been the role model for the rest of the country but.......

The plight of stray dogs in India is not because of common man of India. It's because of lack of political will to find long term and sustainable solutions for them

 ABC program is the only ethical, legal, humane and sustainable solution for stray dogs but it's a pity our leaders lack the will and vision to implement it........

Atrocoties continue: Puppy cut into pieces; Dog thrown from building; Dog beaten to death with brick

20 MAR 2022 — 

Today is International happiness day. One of the parameters to measure the happiness index is generosity. India no doubt lies quite low on the index which is 136 out of 150 countries. We Indians are becoming so cruel day by day especially towards the voiceless animals. It seems we have no generosity left for our animals. We just want to get rid of them.

A man in Naya Gaon, Punjab killed a dog by throwing bricks on him. Kindly go on the link below to see the the brutal killing of the dog


A puppy was cut into pieces by some unknown human monster. This incident seems to have taken place in Patna, Bihar. To watch the horrific video kindly go on the link below:


A dog named Kalu was thrown from a residential building in Mumbai. The poor baby died on the spot (Pic in the post). The residents had problem with the dogs. They had relocated puppies before and this time they killed Kalu. 


A dog has been attacked with a knife and his back has been cut. He is profusely bleeding and is in terrible pain. This unfortunate incident has taken place in Ghagwal in Jammu and Kashmir. 


In a very famous college (KJ Somaiya) of Mumbai around forty dogs are starving to death.  No food for them and no water. Kindly go on the link below to watch the plight of dogs:


Where is generosity? Somaiya college is not the only one in India. Majority of the schools and colleges treat stray dogs residing in their campus in a similar manner. They deprive them of food and water and force them to die. And  majority of them just throw them out of the campus. 

A child learns generosity from his parents and teachers. Unfortunately the parents and teachers in India are failing to teach their children generosity towards animals. Generosity for them is only confined to humans not animals. 

Just two days back the whole of India celebrated Holi the festival of colors. Few wreched men in Dehradun, Utrakhand celebrated the festival by throwing color in the eyes and nose of a dog who was tied and was absolutely helplessness. To watch the helplessness of the dog and the joy of his tormentors torturing the dog kindly go on the link below:


In another incident which took place in Haryana a bunch of goons celebrated the festival of Holi by pouring liquor forcibly into the mouth of a cattle. 


A disgusting psychopath in Indore, Madhya Pradesh was found indulging in oral rape of a female dog. 


If this is the way generosity continues towards our helpless and voiceless animals then the day is not far when India will reach the bottom on happiness index. 

Let's hope and pray that day never comes. 

Dogs being killed and Caregivers being terrorized: Thane, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Takshila, Noida

31 MAR 2022 — 

Few men were found beating a dog with rods in Ulhasnagar, Thane, Maharashtra. The dog took refuge under a car but his tormentors didn't leave him even there. Don't know if the dog is dead or alive.


A mother dog and her pups were cemented in a wall. They would have soon died of suffocation if the rescuers had not broken the wall in time and rescued the dogs. To watch this latest mode of dog cruelty kindly go to the link below:


A pup was deliberately run over by a car in Delhi which broke his pelvis and spine and made him paralyzed for life. 


Someone in Trilokpuri, Delhi stabbed a dog with a knife.


Few men near Takshila college killed a dog by beating him up with rods. 


Puppies were being relocated by being put in a gunny bag but fortunately, their caregiver found them and rescued them. 


A grown-up pup was found with rubber bands around his neck. It seems someone deliberately put rubber bands around the neck of the pup when he was small. But now that he has grown up the bands have become tight and are cutting the pup's neck. Thankfully the rubber bands have been removed and the pup has been rescued. Just imagine if he was not spotted by a few good souls and rescued then he would have died of extreme pain and suffocation. 


Some maniacs put a piece of plastic around the neck of a dog. And they did it just for their amusement. 


The mouth of the dog was put in a plastic bottle. Obviously, this was done for entertainment


A female caregiver was harassed for feeding the dogs in Chandigarh. The residents told her not to feed the dogs. 


A president of a housing society in Noida, Uttar Pradesh is shamelessly levying fine on residents who feed Stray dogs. He is so proud of his sinister acts that he has recorded his most inhuman and illegal decision of not feeding the dogs and made it viral amongst his residents. His intentions are purely to terrorize the residents who feed the hungry and defenceless dogs (Pic in the post). Such RWAs and presidents of such societies should not only be legally punished but also be debared from contesting any kind of elections in future. 


Dogs are being killed, put behind cemented walls, run over by cars, abused for fun, relocated in gunny bags and caregivers are being terrorized. WHY ???????

When will all this stop?

Man slits neck of a dog in Delhi;Policeman beats Dog in UP;Dog cruelty in Maharashtra, Bengal Punjab

On the night of 12th March 2022 a man has brutally cut the throat of a dog with a knife. This incident took place in Trilokpuri East Delhi. The dog is in a critical condition. To watch the unfortunate dog kindly go on the link below:



A policeman in Ghaziabad hit a dog so badly that his leg is broken. This man in the past too has indulged in dog cruelty.  He has relocated puppies and has constantly been beating the dogs of his area.  Kindly go on the link below to watch the monster hit a helpless dog:


In the past he was found relocating the puppies which is illegal and is a punishable offence. Kindly go on the link below to see how ugly acts of this policeman 


The reporter wants suspension of this officer. Such officers are a curse on the state as well their department. 

In another incident a female dog in Kolkata has been beaten brutally leaving her totally paralyzed. Kindly go on the link below:


A drunk man hit a dog on her eyes in Mumbai. The impact was so brutal that both her eyes just popped out (Pic in the post). 


A lady who has given shelter to stray dogs in her home has been manhandled and her dogs beaten. Who has beaten the dogs and ransacked her whole house is not clear in the video but this lady had to lock herself in the washroom when those monsters entered her house. They have turned the whole house upside down. The lady is in trauma. This incident has taken place in Majithia, Punjab.


A dog was beaten till he became absolutely unconscious and he is unable to move his jaws.