Dog beaten to death in Thane; 60 Equines die in Kedarnath

A dog was beaten to death in Ulhasnagar, Thane in Maharashtra (Pic in the post). He was beaten by a bamboo stick by a father and son for littering in their locality. 


Just few days back the Kedarnath Temple Committee had filed an FIR against an owner of a pet dog for bringing his pet to the Kedarnath Shrine and making him touch the feet of Nandi ( the bull of Lord Shiva).

The insensitive action taken by the temple committee has been criticized by a large section of the Indian society especially the Hindus who firmly believe that Lord Shiva makes no difference between humans and animals. And therefore the owner has done no crime by taking his pet dog to the shrine. 


There has been a heavy rush of pilgrims going to the Kedarnath shrine. Thousands of people are visiting the temple daily. It's a very difficult 19 km trek from Gauri Kund therefore the pilgrims use horses and mules to go both uphill and downhill. The owners of these equines have become so greedy that they are making them take many rounds which is leaving the equines starved, and tired. Since may 5th  2022 sixty (60) equines have already died and the veterinarians are saying that they have died due to starvation and exertion.  Kindly go on the link below to see how the poor animals are being tortured just for greed. 


To read the entire report on this tragic incident kindly go on the link below:


To watch the video kindly go on the link below:


Isn't this cruelty? Shouldn't FIR be lodged against the owners of these mules and horses who have murdered their animals because of greed? 

An owner of a pet dog who took his dog up the hill on his back and made him take the blessings of Lord Shiva and his bull Nandi has been reprimanded by the temple committee by filing an FIR against him. And the owners who out of greed have starved their horses and mules to death have not even been questioned. No FIRs and no punishments for them.

Shouldn't the temple committee of Kedarnath lay down strict guidelines for the owners of equines so that such tragic incidents do not happen in future. 

Hinduism is a way of life which teaches we humans to coexist peacefully with animals. Unfortunately the real spirit of Hinduism seems to be vanishing. 

Isn't it time the govt redefines animal cruelty? Shouldn't these owners be punished for exploiting their animals? 

When will the Govt amend the 60 year old animal laws? When will the prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 get amended? 

Plea in Madhya Pradesh HC says Rs 21 crore spent on spaying stray dogs in Indore of no use

Plea in Madhya Pradesh HC says Rs 21 crore spent on spaying stray dogs in Indore of no use, it may be partially true but only because most of the time the companies that are handling so called sterilisation are actually not doing it properly or even doing it at all. Unfortunately, in this country corruption is so extensive that even the act of helping animals is nothing more than business. They capture dogs randomly, they notch their ears and just release them back without doing any sterilisation whatsoever.  If you look at countries like Netherlands or Bhutan who have got their sterilisations done properly and have reached almost 99% sterilisation , they got them done by proper organisations and not by the lowest bidders or by friends of politicians. 

Lucknow Municipal Corporation penalizes owne for dog poop & non registration; Dog shot by a pistol

28 MAY 2022 — 

In Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh a man was caught red handed relocating a puppy. Had it not been the brave caregiver the puppy would have been thrown out of the colony. According to the caregiver, the culprit has been killing and relocating dogs in the past. 


A dog by the name of Rocky was shot by a man in Noida, Uttar Pradesh on 26th night. The caregiver / owner tried to file an FIR at the police station but the police didn't do it instantly. It was after a lot of persuasion that an FIR was filed. But the culprit has still not been arrested. Rocky was fortunate enough to have survived the bullet shots. He is currently in a shelter named House of Stray and its owner and founder Sanjay Mahapatra has given a full report of the case to a journalist. The link is given below:


The state of Uttar Pradesh is not very dog friendly. The dogs are openly killed, relocated and abused. There is no fear of the law. It will be more appropriate if we say that the people are not even aware of animal laws. So obviously they have no fear.

And to add to the misery of dogs and its owners the municipal corporation of Lucknow is now going to penalize owners who have not got the license of their pet dogs. The penalty will be Rs 5000 which the owner will have to pay if he doesn't want the corporation to take away the pet from them. The license fee is Rs 500 for foreign breed big dogs, Rs 300 for foreign breed small dogs and Rs 200 for Indian breed dog. Also if the owner is found not scooping the poop of his dog from roads and parks then again he shall be penalized. To catch such owners the corporation has started a special drive for eight days where the corporation team shall visit the various zones at 6 AM so that they can catch the owners red handed not cleaning the poop of their dogs when taking out their dogs early in the morning.

Well there is no harm in making a pet dog license mandatory and there is also no harm in asking the owners to scoop the poop of their dogs but in a state where people fight with caregivers for feeding stray dogs, where people openly shoot dogs with their pistols and the police hesitates to file FIR against the culprits and where small puppies are put in sacks and relocated and killed. Just how justified is this lop sided policy for dogs? Has the corporation chalked out any plan for sterilization of stray dogs, whose number is many times more than the pet dogs? Has the corporation chalked out any plan for vaccination drives of stray dogs so that they may make their state canine rabies free? Has the corporation come out with schemes for stray dog adoption? 

A sick Labrador was abandoned by its owner in the state of Maharashtra. The owner neither wanted to put money nor time on the treatment of his dog therefore he abandoned him in the middle of a road to die. To see the poor dog kindly go on the link below:


When will the municipal corporations of India realize that what India needs is a carrot approach and not a stick approach towards dogs and their owners. The mindset of the people needs to be changed toward dogs. There are owners who buy dogs from breeders for status and not for the love for dogs. So when the dog is old or sick they just abandon him. 

The current policy of the Municipal corporation of Lucknow is not going to encourage people to adopt dogs rather it may lead to the abandonment of pet dogs and man-man conflict. 

It's high time the govt devises policies and schemes which reduce man - man and man-dog conflict and not increase it. 

Chief Minister of Punjab& UP show apathy towards dogs; FIR against owner for taking dog to Kedarnath

Leaders show the way and the followers follow them. Unfortunately, the majority of the leaders in India lack empathy toward dogs. Rather many are hostile towards them. 

Recently the Punjab chief minister ordered to ban government employees from keeping pet dogs in govt accommodations. The Punjab Government had asked the Police officers residing in Government bungalows and quarters to move their dogs out within a week. Thankfully the Chief Minister withdrew his most hostile, mindless and inhumane order after the PFA Founder Maneka Gandhi intervened.  


Nothing can be more foolish than this order. Already there is a huge population of stray dogs in Punjab. Just imagine if all govt employees who have pet dogs were to abandon their pets. What would have happened???? 

A video of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has gone viral where he is saying that all the street animals shall be removed. He said the municipal corporation has failed in its duty of removing the stray cattle and dogs from the roads of Uttar Pradesh. In addition, he also said that the pet owners should ensure cleanliness on the roads, and registration and vaccination of their pets. The municipal corporation has definitely failed in its duty but it has failed in getting the dogs sterilized and vaccinated. The video clearly shows the ignorance of the CM about the ABC program and dog rules 2001. The stray dogs cannot be removed. The municipal corporations have been entrusted with getting the dogs spayed and neutered which they are not doing in a humane and systematic manner. 


A devotee of Lord Shiva went with his pet dog to one of the holiest shrines Kedarnath. All that the good man did was made his dog touch the statue of Nandi (it is the bull who is the closest companion of Lord Shiva). The priest too blessed the dog by smearing a Tilak on the forehead of the dog. Kindly watch the pious man, his blessed dog and the holy priest of Kedarnath temple in the link below:


Soon after the temple committee of Kedarnath demanded stern action against the pet owner. The committee's CEO lodged an FIR at the behest of the committee president. They have found the dog touching the Nandi statue objectionable. 


The priest who smeared Tilak on the dog didn't find the dog and his touching Nandi objectionable. Rather he happily blessed the dog. 

For all those who found the presence of dogs objectionable need to be reminded that Lord Shiva is also called Pashupatinath. The lord of animals. He makes no difference between humans and animals. And every Hindu who proudly calls himself a Hindu should know that Hinduism is a way of life. A way of life which teaches us to respect and protect our environment. Animals, mountains and rivers are revered in this religion. Unfortunately, Hinduism is losing its essence and is now being confined to only idol worship. 

Many Hindus who are devotees of Lord Shiva and love and respect all animals on this earth have condemned the FIR. The abode of Lord Shiva is open to all. He makes no difference between Nawab ( the blessed dog ) and his owner Rohan ( the devotee of Lord Shiva). Rohan and Nawab are being supported by them. 


Rohan is a true devotee of Shiva and Hinduism is sustained because of people like him. No one at Kedarnath objected to Nawab's presence and his touching the idol of Nandi. It was only after Rohan made the Nawab's video viral that all this controversy started. 

Update on the case 25th May 2022 - Rohan has been interviewed by several news channels. In all the interviews Rohan is saying that Nawab is like his son and he has taken him to most of the religious places. And never have they encountered any problem. Rather Nawab has always been welcomed with open arms. Unfortunately this time they are being criticized and receiving threatening calls. 


This FIR is a reflection of hypocrisy in Hinduism. The people who cannot see God beyond idols. Who cannot see the devotion of Rohan who walked 16 kilometres with his dog uphill to the shrine? The 16 kilometre trek is quite difficult and it's takes a lot of devotion and courage to walk the trek. There is a helicopter service too but many devotees prefer to go on foot even though they can easily afford the helicopter ride to the shrine. 

The Chief Minister of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh and the committee members of Kedarnath temple seem to.be ignorant about dog cruelties in India or they have deliberately chosen to be blind, deaf and dumb. It's time they open their eyes to the atrocities which the companion of Lord Bhairav goes through on a regular basis.

Dog atrocities: 
1) A dog was badly beaten up leaving her half paralyzed. Kindly go on the following link to watch her pain and agony:



2) A young boy just for fun caught hold of a dog from his tail and then swirled him in the air several times before throwing him to the ground. Watch the video to see the trauma and pain of the innocent dog and the joy of his tormentor. 


3) two dogs were badly beaten up and then relocated. One of them.was a pregnant dog and another was a small dog. The people who brutally beat the dogs up and then threw them away from their society did it because they don't like dogs sitting on the road. The culprits seem to be well connected with a politician of the ruling govt. Such politicians should be ousted from the party. No one is above the law and every Indian should know it. We cannot make a strong and corrupt free India until we have such politicians ruling us. Kindly go on the link below to watch the shameless relatives who are boasting about their political connection. They have no respect for law. 


4) Kali a mother dog was killed brutally in Mumbai. Her two babies have no one to care for now. The reporter is trying to find a home for them. 


5) Most of the leaders running the govt see only dog poop on the roads and they fail to see the cruelty against dogs and the harassment and humiliation the dog feeders and pet owners go through on a regular basis. To watch caregivers being harassed for feeding the dogs and the poor dogs being beaten in Bangalore kindly go on the link below:


The municipal corporation is the biggest villain and the mayors and councillors who majorly run the corporations are responsible for dog cruelty in India. They terribly lack wisdom and foresight. All that matters to them is human votes and winning the elections. A tragic case of dog catching has come from port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Island. Here the municipal workers have crossed all limits. They have caught small pups, lactating mothers, old dogs, sick dogs in the most brutal manner. It doesn't seem from the report that they have any intentions of getting the dogs back. Kindly go on the link below to see the bad deeds of the corporation of Port Blair. 


We can see that right from north (Kedarnath) to South (Port Blair) of India there is only intolerance towards the man's best friend and their caregivers and owners are finding all this very hard to cope up with. 

When will our leaders realize that the main problem is the negative mind set of Indians towards dogs. 

People need to be sensitized both towards dogs as well as animal laws. But before sensitizing people of India its leaders have to be sensitized. The leaders should know that ABC program.is the only ethical and legal way to curb stray dog population. And we cannot encourage adoption of stray dogs by passing orders like banning pet dogs from.govt accommodation and penalizing the pet owners for getting the dogs to holy shrines. 

Supreme Court & Delhi High Court come to the rescue of stray dogs; Negative mindset the real problem

While the state governments and the municipal corporations have turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the stray Indian dogs, the Indian judiciary has yet again come to their rescue.

The Supreme Court of India has lifted its stay order on the Delhi High Court judgement of 2021 that stated that stray dogs have a right to food and citizens have a right to feed Stray dogs.

The Supreme Court had ordered a stay on the high court order of Justice Midha on March 4  2022 citing that the order might lead to an increase in stray dog menace.

A bench comprising Justices Uday Umesh Lalit, S Ravindra Bhat, and Sudhanshu Dhulia noted that their earlier stay had come from a petition filed by Humane Foundation for People and Animals which had challenged the High Court's order, even though it was not a party to the proceedings of the case.

The bench further stated that since the original parties had resolved their dispute the appeal filed by the NGO had no locus to intervene in subsequent proceedings. Hence they removed the stay. 


The Supreme court's decision to remove the stay has come as a big joy and relief to all the dog feeders and caregivers of the country. 

The Delhi High Court today has issued a notice to the Delhi government seeking vaccination of stray dogs and animals against diseases like Canine parvovirus and distemper. The Court said that the issue requires serious consideration because it not only concerns animal life but will also have an impact on the human population.
A division bench of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Sachin Datta directed the Delhi government to apply its mind to the issues raised in the petition and come out with a clear and considered stand in the next six weeks.

This is what the bench said “It appears that the stray dogs in the city are a neglected lot. It is necessary to look after the stray dogs not only as a measure of showing respect towards animal life but also because there will be a direct impact on the human population in the city, Parvovirus is a sure shot kill. All pet dogs are regularly vaccinated for this disease and you hardly hear a pet dog suffering from these diseases. The situation is different for stray ones. This requires urgent consideration and it is a serious issue," 

The honourable judges deserve salutation for making such an important and honest note. Most of the stray puppies in India die due to these killer diseases just because of lack of vaccination.

The PIL has been filed by advocate Rahul Mohod who argued that the capital city has no proper mechanism to vaccinate dogs for Canine distemper and Canine parvovirus diseases. Also no infrastructure is available and no helpline is available on which citizens can seek help for the animals.


The govt Veterinary dept does provide rabies vaccination for free. But this too is  given only to those lucky dogs who have been taken by the municipality for sterilization and to those whose caregivers have taken them personally to the govt vet for vaccination. There is still no provision of free rabies vaccination drives in colonies by the govt. 

The judiciary is doing everything possible to help the stray dogs and their caregivers. But due to lack of political will and apathy of Indian leadership towards stray dogs the mindset of the people of India towards Indian dogs has just not changed. 

A resident of Kidwai Nagar Delhi threatened to kill a stray dog. Just watch the foolish man who is walking with an iron spade along with his young daughter to kill the dog. 


From the above video it's quite evident that the daughter too will walk with a stick and thrash a dog when it will come near her. It's all wrong parenting in homes which often leades to dog bites in children. And unfortunately India is full of such parents. They do not know how to behave with dogs and they teach the same to their children. In schools and colleges too the children learn nothing. 

A woman caregiver was abused and physically assaulted  by a man for feeding the stray. Kindly go on the link below to read her agony and plight 


A caregiver is worried for the life of a puppy. According to her the puppy has bitten a child and now the child's parents want to kill the puppy. They have declared the puppy mad (rabid). But the caregiver says that the child throws stones at the puppy therefore it bit the child. 


This is nothing new in India. If a dog bites it is instantly declared rabid and it is then beaten to death. 

It is the negative mindset and faulty behaviour of people towards Indian stray dogs which is the main problem in India. Unfortunately neither the govt / state govt nor the animal departments are doing anything about it.