Dog beaten to death in Chennai; Feeder fined Rs.8 lakh in Mumbai; Puppy smuggling in Kerala

A dog was beaten to death by two men in broad day light in Tamil Nadu. They kept beating the dog with sticks till the dog was unconcious and then dragged his body on the road. The fault of the dog was that he had attacked their goat a few days back.  These men then decided to teach the dog a lesson. And this is how they taught the dog a lesson. By taking away his life. Just unbelievable. Are these men humans? 

To watch the brutal killing of the dog kindly go on the link below:


A careless and ruthless driver crushed two dogs under his wheels. According to the eye witness he hit the dogs deliberately. Kindky go on the link below to see how the eye witnesses tried to.stop the car driver. 


This is nothing unusual because many times people driving on the roads deliberately hit animals. Run over them without any guilt, any remorse. 

Five puppies were run over by a vehicle and according to the eye witnesses the driver deliberately ran over them. Four puppies died on the spot and the fifth one is critical. Kindly go on the link below to see the suffering of the alive puppy who is fighting against death.


A feeder was slapped a fine of Rs eight lakh for feeding stray dogs by  the management committee of her residential society in Mumbai. The name of the residential complex is NRI complex of seafood estate. 


In another incident the feeders at Rishabh housing Co operative society in Dadar, Mumbai are being stopped to feed the dogs. There are many dogs inside the complex some of whom are small puppies.


The so called educated and affluent people living in the posh societies consider themselves above the law of India. They have been told that what they are doing is against law but they just don't care. These are uneducated literates of India who only possess degrees and money in banks but in reality they are paupers both in mind and heart. Shameless Indians who are curse on humanity. 

Their punishment should be harsher than those who are poor and illiterate and indulge in any kind of animal cruelty. 

Puppies were being smuggled in onion sacks in Mavelilkara in Kerala. God knows what they do with them. It's quite likely they are being used for dog meat. 


When will all this stop? So much pain and suffering.

When will the govt and state govts wake up and start pro dog awareness campaigns?

We may be making swachh bharat ( clean india) but what about swachh dil aur deemag ( clean heart and mind). 

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