RWAs & Municipal Corporations 2 villains in dog cruelty; Provision in PCA Act to punish RWAs needed

19 DEC 2021 — 

In the metropolitan cities of India it is the RWA (Resident welfare Association) which is the main villain in dog cruelty. Whether it be asking security guards to throw the dogs out of the residential complex or stop the feeders from feeding the dogs. We have seen how many of them have relocated dogs, killed them, manhandled the feeders and even levied fine on them. 

The Prevention of cruelty of animals act 1960 has no separate provision to punish such societies and associations. These associations have no business to take any decision regarding animals. Whether it be cats, dogs, monkeys, cows or birds...... but unfortunately these creatures take any decision which pleases their majority voters. And they have only one solution for street animals. Throw them out of the residential complex. Dogs are often chased away by security guards with wooden sticks. The monkeys are chased away with sling shots. 

A chat of a few members of a posh colony of East Delhi has gone viral on social media. The caregiver Sneha (M- +919999xxxxx) and others like her who feed the dogs are really scared. They are fearing that these people will hire security guards who will throw the dogs out soon from their colony. Just read their conversation (Pic in the post). One of them is saying that there is only one solution to get rid of the dogs from the colony and that is by throwing them out. About seven years back they had hired a guard from Nepal who had removed all the dogs. Such sinful, cruel and inhuman people are the people who run colonies. As long as our animal laws do not stop such people from taking decision concerning street animals they will keep taking such inhuman & illegal decisions. Because their motive is not to serve the society but to win elections by pleasing their prized voters by hook or by crook. 

A municipal corporation took a dog for sterilization on 11 Dec and dropped him back on 15th Dec 2021. The caregiver found the stitches open and the area swollen  and red with pus coming out of it. The dog was in a lot of pain. The caregiver without losing time took the dog to a vet and got him admitted. To see the dog and the mockery of the system kindly go on the link below:


ABC centers often break protocols and play with the lives of the dogs. In Mira Bhyandar municipal corporation near Mumbai, Maharashtra, its corporation workers came to pick up a dog on the complaint of the residents that the dog is biting. The dog had a maggot wound on his neck but the workers chose to use gasper rather than a net to to catch him. The whole exercise must have been not only traumatic but also painful. He was taken to the Mira Bhayandar ABC centre for sterilization. The caregivers were worried for the dog and when they asked how was the dog doing the centre said that the dog was in a critical condition. The caregivers then went to the centre and got the dog back. The dog is currently at a foster home and is undergoing treatment. To watch the dog and to read his story kindly go on the link below:


Not all dogs are lucky to have caregivers. They are taken for sterilization and they return with infections and diseases. They die a slow and a painful death. Some do not return. Either they are relocated or they die post operation. 

Sick, injured, pregnant, lactating mothers and puppies below six months are not suppose to be taken for sterilization but most of the time protocols are broken. They are taken sterilized and then dumped back within two to three days without any post operative care to die on the streets. 

Many ABC centers are not working for the welfare of dogs. Their motive is to make money. To reach the target of sterilizing n number of dogs. More the number better their performance. Unfortunately the parameter of performance is decided on the basis of quantity and not quality. 

When will the municipal corporations replace the random, inhuman and complaint centric ABC program with a systematic and humane approach is a big question.

Municipal Corporations and the RWAs are the two main villains who are responsible for so much cruelty towards the man's best friend. 

Municipal corporations have to change their working and the RWAs have to stop interfering with any matter related to street animals in their colony.  Only the Animal Welfare Bodies and its representatives should have a right to take any decision regarding animal in any residential or non residential area. 

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