Dogs illegally picked in Ahmehnagar; Dog killed in Delhi; Water pot broken near temple in East Delhi

10 APR 2021 — 

Dogs have been picked up illegally in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. It is believed that the dogs will be used for human consumption. What is wrong with our country???


A man can be seen mercilessly beat a dog. Just watch the barbarian beating the dog:


Few kids were seen playing with a puppy as if he was ball. They were throwing him in the air and catching him. The reporter tried to find the puppy and has tried to explain the sin which these boys have committed. The reporter is absolutely right in saying that it is the parents who are responsible for such evil upbringing. It's time every school and college teach their students to be kind toward animals.


About a few days back a case was reported where a dog was kicked and thrown like a Football by few men in North Delhi. The dog has died. The PFA (People for animals) volunteer Gaurav Gupta has filed an FIR against the culprits and they have been arrested. To watch the shameless culprits kindly go on the link below:



A caregiver Kapil Vajpayee can be seen filling a huge cement pot with water. As summers have approached and the days are getting hotter so it's very important that water bowls be kept for the street animals and birds on the streets and parks of India. Just watch how this kind man is filling up the water pot and requesting other Indians too to do the same. 


While Kapil is asking people of India to put water bowls for the voiceless there are other evil Indians who just love to break the bowls. They break it either in the name of swachhta (cleanliness) or in the name of dengue (mosquito-borne disease). How can water pots be a hindrance to cleanliness is a riddle which none of the caregivers of India have been able to solve. There is so much human garbage all around that how water pots and feeding bowls of street animals add to the garbage one absolutely fails to understand. Also the dengue mosquito survives and thrives on stale water and not on clean drinking water. In this scorching heat, the water pots get empty very fast. Rather the main problem that the caregivers face is getting the water bowls filled. Because it's humanly impossible for them to fill water pots twice or thrice a day.

Shalini a caregiver (M-+9196xxxxx) in east Delhi bought around 35 litre cemented water bowl for the street animals (dogs and cows). Dogs are small and their water requirement too is small but cows and buffaloes are huge animals and so is their water requirement. So she installed the bowl near a temple. Well when she requested the temple priests and sevaks to fill the bowl with water they refused. Shalini's residence is quite far from the temple and she is a working lady. So while going to.the office she carries a water container and fills the pot that too in her Scooty. And while returning from the office she again refills the pot in the evening. But today when she returned in the evening to refill, the pot was broken. This is not the first time the pots have been broken. Last summer thrice her water pots were broken in the same temple complex

Shalini is absolutely heartbroken. No one in that area volunteered to fill the pot with water. This poor girl used to fill the water twice and today all her hard work has gone in vain. Her hard work and even her money.

 Doesn't every religion preach kindness towards all living beings? It seems kalyug has hit our Indian temples as well. Priests and devotees who visit temple can longer see or feel the suffering and agony of the voiceless. All that interests the priests are donations which come from their devotees and all that matters to the devotees is the statue of the Gods and Goddesses installed in the temple. They believe that these statues will shower them with blessings and give them all the comforts of life. What they don't realize is that statues are just a medium to connect with the almighty. And their negative energies and bad karma will only pose hindrance in connecting with the almighty. How can any God residing in any place of worship bless any human who deliberately deprives other living being from having food and water??????

This is indeed kalyug (evil yug / time)