Two dogs were killed in the most brutal fashion in Trilokpuri, East Delhi. The caregiver Zaina who tried to save the dogs was abused and terrorized by the culprits. Even her father was beaten up by them. It seems the dogs had bitten the residents there. So one of the dogs was badly beaten up by them and then thrown out of the colony to die and the other was beaten up and then locked inside a public toilet with his mouth tied (Pic in the post). The poor dog was found dead later in the toilet. The caregiver Zaina had approached the police and sat in the police station for 5 long hours but as usual, the police were of no help. Rather the culprits became angrier once they came to know that Zaina had approached the police and then they killed the dogs in retaliation. 

Zaina now fears that if she will take any police help then the remaining dogs of the area too shall be killed. These people have already poisoned 16 puppies and killed them. 

Well, the law and order situation in Delhi is bad but what about the ABC program? 

Is this how the ABC program should run? There is no awareness about the ABC program in Delhi. The least the Delhi Govt could do was create awareness about dog sterilization, dog behaviour and dog vaccination. The Delhi govt run schools have mostly children coming from slum areas like Trilokpiri. Are these students being taught compassion towards animals, especially stray Indian dogs? 

Why would the dogs bite? These dogs who were killed in Trilokpuri were not rabid but they must have been provoked to bite. 

Delhi has become the most neglected state when it comes to animal welfare. Nothing is being done for street animals. The state govt is least bothered about them. The govt Veterinary hospitals are in a shameful condition which only reflects the negative mindset of the govt towards street animals. 

Delhi has become the victim state. Here for all the govt failures the state govt blames the central govt and the centre blames the state. They keep blaming each other and it is the common man of Delhi and its street animals who suffer. 

ABC program and the welfare of the stray animals is the state govt’s responsibility but except the obnoxious rabies awareness posters which were put up for three consecutive years there has been  no other awareness. The negative impact of those posters are still plaguing us. Those posters only created fear and hatred towards dogs. Did the govt do anything to rectify the mistake? The answer is no. 

ABC program is still being done in the most unsystematic manner which is complaint centric and random. The Delhi govt has shut its eyes and expects the people of Delhi also to do the same. 

The central govt too has not taken any measures to help the stray animals. The Delhi police is good for nothing when it comes to animal cruelty. Seldom we see police taking action that too when the PFA Founder and Member of Parliament Maneka Gandhi intervenes. And many times even her intervention does not help the poor animal and his caregiver. Like in the case of Zaina.

When will the police personnel get instruction from their bosses to take strict action against animal cruelty we know not. When will they get training in animal laws we know not. 

When will the MCD start implementing the ABC program in a systematic manner we know not. 

When will the Delhi Govt create awareness about dog behaviour and the ABC program we know not. 

Mumbai is not far from Delhi when it comes to dog cruelty. Relocation and caregiver harassment is how ABC program is being run in this part of India as well.

11 puppies were dumped in a public toilet in Wadala  East to die.

A mother dog and her 5 pups who were barely five to six days old were relocated by the residents of a colony. The caregiver who tried to stop was abused and manhandled by the land lady and few men who had all gathered together to relocate the dogs and terrorize the caregiver. To watch how the poor helpless dogs are being relocated and how a mob attacks a single caregiver kindly go on the link below;

When will our leaders see all this cruelty and do something about it??????

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