29 DEC 2022 — 

It’s almost the end of the year 2022 and both the central govt and the Delhi Govt have taken no positive measures to curb cruelty towards the man’s best friend. The dogs and small puppies are ruthlessly being killed, relocated and beaten but no one is hearing their cries and pain. The caregivers who care for them are as usual seen as villains and loathed by the majority. 

Dogs are being killed for varied reasons. Some kill because they fear that dogs spread rabies so it’s better to get rid of them. They don’t know that a bite by a healthy vaccinated dog will never infect them with rabies. And thanks to our Govt Veterinary Dept and the Veterinary dept of the municipal corporations for never taking any positive measures to either educate these misled and misinformed people about canine rabies nor carried out rabies vaccination of dogs pan India. Whatever little vaccination drives are happening that’s all because of handful of caregivers with the support of private vets and Veterinary hospitals like CGS. That too it’s taking place in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai…..

Many kill dogs because they don’t want more dogs in their colony and around their house. They have no idea that killing dogs is an offence and hence the only way to control their population is by getting them sterilized. In many parts of India, dogs are being killed and thrown in jungles by the municipal corporations themselves. So how do we expect the common man of India not to indulge in dog cruelty. ABC program is only for namesake. 

There is another small section of society that kill dogs just for fun. They are either psychopaths or frustrated people who take out their frustration on these poor souls. They have no fear of the law and the Govt of India seems to have no plans to amend the prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 to make it stronger. 

On 27th Dec 2022 two puppies who were barely three months old were hanged to death near Azad Hind aptts in sector 9 Dwarka Delhi (Pic in the post). When this tragic incident happened their mother was taken away for sterilization . The puppies were all healthy, immunized, dewormed and well fed by the caregiver. Four of their siblings who luckily survived have been shifted to a shelter till their mother returns post-sterilization. 


CISF (central industrial security force) has been entrusted with the security of metro stations in Delhi. A CISF personnel was seen hitting a stray dog mercilessly for no fault of  his. Apparently the dog entered the metro station to protect himself from the chilling cold outside. But what he received was harsh and painful blows from a man made security guard. To watch the shameless man beat the dog kindly go on the link below:

Dogs are the natural guards sent to us by the universe but just see what we have done. We have made their life a hell.

There is an urgent need to educate people about dogs behaviour, canine rabies, ABC program and animal laws. We Indians are unnecessarily killing them and making their life a hell due to sheer ignorance and illinformation about them. 

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