Lucknow Corporation’s BRUTALITY TOWARDS DOGS

{gallery}lucknowcorp{/gallery} watch this video Municipal corporation has unleashed horrors against street dogs. This video is nothing, but just a sample. LMC are breaking fore limbs of dogs with iron rods to catch them easily and then kill themor throw them out of city.As I write AWBI is in the process of taking action against the … Continue reading Lucknow Corporation’s BRUTALITY TOWARDS DOGS

Man Arrested For Rescuing Dogs definite brainless can people be? Pasting the story here but all the data belongs to care2..the link is pasted above! Here’s a breaking story that will make you scratch your head in wonder. An animal advocate in Los Angeles was arrested on Thursday after trying to rescue two dogs that were locked inside … Continue reading Man Arrested For Rescuing Dogs

Some good links

I am putting up two websites which show how much people are really trying to help. The sai ashram also shows how many dogs are being adopted which is so nice.


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