Justice for Khushi?

Dear fellow animal lovers, It pains me deeply to inform you that our dog, Khushi has been illegally removed from the premises of Race Course Tower, Baroda, because the Rheo case was not taken back. The place has a history of engaging in animal cruelty. As many of you must be remembering,on 27th May, 2013, Rheo, a … Continue reading Justice for Khushi?

Dogs And Other Animals May Also Have Conscience

http://www.techtimes.com/articles/114972/20151210/dogs-and-other-animals-may-also-have-conscience.htmIf you're a pet owner, it would not be surprising for you to know that your pet dog and other animals actually possess the aptitude of self-awareness. Animals such as magpies, an Asian elephant, great apes, some ants and some dolphins have all previously passed the "mirror test" in which they recognize themselves apart from … Continue reading Dogs And Other Animals May Also Have Conscience