Doggies saved from being eaten in Meghalaya. Savages SAVED FROM THE POT Dozens of pet dogs snatched from their heartbroken owners are saved from being boiled alive and EATEN The dogs were rescued in Meghalaya, India, as they were being transported in a small car, tied up and with their mouths taped shut By Sam Webb 22nd September 2017, 4:46 pm Updated: 22nd … Continue reading Doggies saved from being eaten in Meghalaya. Savages

Leopard at Ranikhet

It's not every day that you are driving by and find a beautiful leopard taking a stroll but that's exactly what happened on 18 September 2017. While driving from Majkhali to Ranikhet at around 8 PM , I spotted something that looked like a huge cat but soon realised that the regale and majestic creature … Continue reading Leopard at Ranikhet


Nicole and Nicholas are indian shepherds that caught the deadly distemper virus as kids and were waiting patiently in a communal toilet for their life to end. We rescued them and nurtured them back to health and have placed them in a boarding till their adoption is soughted. They are three months old Indian pariah … Continue reading Nicole

The symbol of Extinction

While this planet comes to an end and we decimate each and every species while reproducing like the proverbial rat, some people have created a symbol to signify that the sands of time is running out.