On 24th September 2022 caregivers, pet owners and animal welfare NGOs across Delhi NCR came together to raise their voice against the barbaric killing of the man’s best friend in Kerala. Inspite of the continous rain for the last three days there was a huge participation. More than 500 people participated in the protest. The rains could not deter their spirit. Because for them the cause was much bigger than the rough weather. More than 40 animal welfare NGOs participated in the event. PFA Trustee Ambika Shukla was the main driver in organizing the protest. But it was clearly a citizen’s driven movement.  

The media too was shocked to see the massive participation. They were more surprised to see the elderly, small children and college students who had come to raise their voice against the  injustice done to their four legged friends.  Deepali a mother of two lovely kids had come all the way from Noida to raise her voice (Pic in the post).


The RWAs and the dog haters who unfortunately are in majority often claim that dogs are a threat to their children and the elderly. Well this event has become an eye opener to many. It is simply wrong parenting which makes dogs bite children. It is the parents who are responsible for their children being bitten by dogs and not the poor dogs. And if elderly feel that dogs are a threat to them then they better hear these brave and humane senior citizens of india….

These ladies tell us how people in influential positions have misused their power in torturing the dogs and the caregivers. Even judges and college principals who are suppose to be most ethical and moral have not stopped from abusing their power in harming the dogs and the caregivers. 

Anyway the good part of the event was that the caregivers freely shared their woes with the media and for the very first time we witnessed the media of India covering an animal event at such a large scale. 

Another surprise of the event was an interview with a media person Amitabh Chowdhary who is a crime reporter with one day press newspaper. He was asked that why does the media of India does so much negative publicity about dogs and why does it not show human cruelty towards dogs?  Amitabh said that sadly the journalists who report anti dog news are themselves against dogs. Hence, they purposely choose to report only dog bite casss and hide dog cruelty cases. 

Amitabh has spoken the truth. The Indian media has deliberately chosen to shut their eyes to human cruelty towards dogs which happens almost daily in India. According to him dog bite cases which seldomly happen that too due to human provocation is reported repeatedly by the Indian media.  And what recently happened in Kerala was actually the doing of the irresponsible and insensitive  media. To listen to Amitabh kindly go on the link below:

Well India is proud to have a few humane and fair media persons who not only covered the four hour long event under the rain but also brought the truth about the Indian dogs and their caregivers to the world. To watch more glimpses of the event kindly go on the link below:





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