The central govt on 10 March came out with the ABC rules 2023 which clearly states that Indian community / stray dogs can only be picked up for sterilizatuon and not otherwise. And once sterilized they shall be dropped back at the same location. 

Our honourable Prime Minister also in his most popular radio program ‘Man ki Baat’ has once again emphasized on compassion towards street animals and praised those who take care of them.

But inspite of all this illegal pounds have come up and municipal corporations are busy murdering dogs in the name of ABC. 

In Kolhapur, Maharashtra a dog was seen soaked in blood with his blood all over the floor ( Pic in the post). The people who did this to the dog are none other than the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation who were trying to sterlize the dogs. The unfortunate dog became victim of the ABC prigram. To know more in detail kindly go on the link below:

Another such case of dogs being murdered in the name of ABC has come from Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Telangana. For the greedy corporations & the NGOs responsible for ABC all that matters is money.  For these people dogs are just a number. More number means more money.

To watch the condition of another dog shelter run by Sursagar municipal corporation  Gauajrat kindly go on the link below:

Jodhpur Municipal Corporation has opened dog pounds which is illegal and the dogs are dying there without proper food and water. To look at the dismal condition of the dogs kindly go on the link below:

And needless to say dogs in India are still being killed, relocated and abused. Caregivers too are having a harrowing time trying to save and feed their four legged best friends. 

Nowadays I am not able to give regular updates of all the cruelties which are happening to the dogs of India. It’s due to paucity of time. 

But in case anyone wishes to track the updates then they may do so on my Twitter account.  

I regularly post cases of cruelty on my Twitter. 

My latest tweet is on illegal dog pounds which have been opened in Kochi. 

Even though the ABC rules 2023 clearly says no dog pound yet dog pounds are springing up. And the sad part is that these are being done by the corporations with the support of local leaders and few animal welfare organizations. 

Greed and apathy has ruined animal sector in India. And God knows how long will the Indian dogs suffer?

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