12 AUG 2022 — 

The Veterinary hospital which comes under the Delhi Govt is in an appalling state. There is dirt and filth everywhere. It seems all the East Delhi’s garbage has been dumped here. If this is the state of the hospital outside then one can well imagine what it must be like inside the hospital. To watch the pathetic sight of the Veterinary hospital where Delhi’s  animals (dogs, cats, cattles,….) are suppose to be treated kindly go on the link below:



One can clearly see from the videos above that the hospital has heaps of garbage and stale water on which the mosquitoes are breeding.

During monsoon the municipal.corporation workers go from door to door checking if there is any stale water collected. This is done to ensure that the colonies are mosquito free.

But this monsoon again the workers have started targeting the dogs and their caregivers. Shanti (M- +918929307936) a caregiver who had put water bowls made of mud for dogs of her colony were all broken by the workers. (Pic in the post). According to the workers, water bowls are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So they have broken it so that water doesn’t collect in it. 

Nothing can be more foolish and insane than this. Even during monsoon season, the bowls are filled with water daily as the dogs do feel thirsty and they drink water from it. Water bowls hardly have stale water in it. Caregivers fill it almost daily. 

Well the workers should ask the caregivers to ensure that stale water does not collect in the bowls and the bowls should always be filled with fresh water. But the sad part is that the bosses running the corporation do not think twice before giving such insensitive orders to their workers to break the water pots. 

And the most disgusting part is that the corporation and the Delhi govt cannot see the man-made pond created outside the vet hospital where mosquitoes are freely swimming and multiplying at an exponential rare for which it is they who are solely responsible. 

Maharashtra is no less when it comes to animal cruelty. 

A retired colonel from the Indian army in Pune has beaten a helpless dog with an iron rod who was just sleeping and doing no harm to this most disgusting man. The dog’s back.has been paralyzed. This man should be severely punished because not only has he committed a crime by beating a helpless animal but also brought disgrace to our armed forces and their personnel. 

An animal rights activist and a caregiver Madhu and her husband who live in Mumbai were abused and assaulted by a family of goons who live in the same society. Apparently, a stray cat whom Madhu and her husband feed had vomited on the seat of the scooter of the goon family. The family lost their temper and they physically assaulted Madhu’s husband. They abused him and insulted him. 

Luckily the whole incident got captured in CCTV and Madhu informed Maneka Gandhi the founder of PFA and member of Parliament about the sad incident. The great lady without losing anytime asked the Mumbai police to register a complaint and take severe action against the accused. 


What if the incident was not captured on CCTV? 

Incidents of animal cruelty and caregiver harassment are happening almost daily in India but they are neither being heard nor captured on CCTV. Both the animal and his caregiver are shedding tears of blood which unfortunately the Indian leaders fail to see. 

By seeing the state of the Veterinary hospital of the Delhi government one can gauge the political will they have to do anything for the animals…….

If the condition of state-run animal hospitals is so shameful in the capital of India then what may we expect from other parts of India

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