30 AUG 2022 — 

A dog was mercilessly killed in Jhalawar, Rajasthan. Around 8 to 10 young boys holding sticks and sword ran after a dog to kill him. The dog ran to protect his life into a house. The ladies of the house tried to protect the dog but the goons broke the gate, abused the ladies and caught hold of the dog and then butchered him to death. 


Acid was thrown on 5 sleeping harmless dogs by an 18 year old boy in Raipur, Chhatisgarh (Pic in the post). An FIR has been lodged against him.


Recently a video went viral where an elephant instructor in Tamil Nadu was seen beating the elephant while bathing him. Is this how an elephant should be treated? 


One more video which shows how elephants are being treated in Kerala


Well forget about elephants and dogs even cows who are one of the most revered animal in India are also being treated with cruelty. 

A video went viral where an owner of a cow was seen beating a cow with a stick for feeding her calf. As if feeding one’s own child is a crime. 


Few more videos to show how cows are being beaten and exploited by their owners for their milk.

Video 1


Video 2


The truth is that for these heartless cruel people, cows are just a means to generate revenue. They are not Gau Matas. They are milking machines. 

It’s high time Govt of India amended animal laws and made them stricter. Today both the stray animals as well owned animals especially cattle and elephants are facing human cruelty. This needs to be stopped. 

Also schools and colleges must introduce compassion towards animals in their syllabus. We just can’t sit silently and watch our young minds turn into human monsters. If today they are harming these innocent voiceless animals then the day is not far when they will start harming humans as well. 

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