30 OCT 2022 — 

A lot of animal cruelties are still happening that too almost every day in India 

RWAs relocating dogs, dogs being beaten to death etc but the ones happening on the behest of the government has given the caregivers of India sleepless nights and has made the situation more tense, ugly and frightening 

The so called custodians of dogs the Municipal Corporations which is a govt body were never dog friendly but what we have witnessed in Noida is beyond anyone’s imagination

The Noida authority in conjunction with the corrupt and apathetic AOAs (Apartment Owners association) have been cooking up anti dog policies for quite sometime now and the result of all that has come out now 

Lotus boulevard became the epicentre of it

Unfortunately a, labourers 8 month old child died in the residential complex and the blame for the child’s death went on the dogs

According to the caregivers of Noida and a few residents, there were no eyewitnesses or  cctv camera footage of the dog mauling the child but still, it was the dog who was made the murderer

Also as told by the caregivers no postmortem was carried out of the dead body of the child 

This again creates suspicion in the minds of the people 

Was the unfortunate incident used as an excuse to get rid of all the dogs of the complex? It definitely looks like and the Noida Authority became a party to it 

It totally succumbed to the pressure which  showed their malafide intentions

The Noida authority called the situation extraordinary and picked up all the dogs from the complex

This is against dog rules 2001 because under it no healthy and sterilized dogs can be picked up but Noida authority broke all rules and picked up all dogs irrespective of their sterilization status, they picked up most of the docile dogs because it is only the docile and friendly ones which can be caught easily

One such unfortunate dog was a pregnant dog who was beaten up, tossed and dragged for several metres till the gate of Lotus boulevard with a loop round her neck which strangled her throat leading to profuse bleeding from her mouth

To watch the insensitive and cruel way of catching the pregnant dog which happened on 20th Oct 2022 kindly go on the link below:


The caregiver did try to stop the catchers but these people didn’t listen

It is told that the catchers were thrown out of job by the Noida Authority but were these catchers the real culprits? What if the video was not taken ? These workers would have continued with dog cruelty 

And just what kind of training is given to the corporation workers? This is nothing new

Most of the municipal corporation workers catch the dogs in this way only

just few days back Kaloo from Delhi had become a victim of dog catching in a ruthless manner, he too died due to cruel and illegal catching by the delhi municipal corporation

Anyhow the pregnant dog was taken to the animal hospital run by the Noida Authority but as the dog was pregnant and badly traumatized she was shifted to a foster home 

Her health was deteriorating and just two days back she was operated and five pups were born of which two died, and today evening she also left this cruel world, leaving behind three of her babies (Pic in the post):

Who are the killers of the mother dog and her two babies who left this world for no fault of theirs ?

Who are responsible for making the three babies orphan?

Is it the Noida Authority?

Is it the two-legged monsters residing in Lotus Boulevard? 

Is it the television media that has played an active role in spitting venom against dogs 

Is it the govt of India and the animal welfare bodies who have completely failed in creating the right ecosystem.

A message has been posted by a brave caregiver Chandani Khurana of Lotus Boulevard just a few hours after the dog died , this is what she said for the human monsters residing in that society:

“They are intentionally keeping the dogs hungry which are still in the society including the pregnant female. and harassing the feeders infact the residents have started pointing fingers on us and following us”

There were few dogs in Lotus boulevard who could not be caught by those inhuman catchers so they are still in the complex but the residents have stopped their feeding and harassing the feeders like Chandani from feeding them

It’s quite clear that the cruel and inhuman residents of Lotus boulevard are the main murderers of these dogs 

The dog who died today, her two pups who died two days back and those dogs who will die very soon out of hunger are the victim of hatred and cruelty of the residebts of Lotus Boulevard 

Will the Noida Authority take some sensible action now ? Will it take any action against those two legged monsters who are stopping the caregivers from feeding the dogs of which one is pregnant ? 

What kind of mentality will a person have who enjoys to see an animal starve to death? 

Won’t be wrong if we call it Talabani mentality. 

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