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8 NOV 2022 — 

Few weeks back dogs in India were being killed, poisoned, relocated, beaten and the caregivers were being harassed and tortured but after the inhuman and senseless order of the Nagpur Bench of the Mumbai High Court which prohibits feeding of stray dogs and penalizes anyone found feeding them the atrocity towards dogs and the caregivers has only increased

The impact of such an order has also reached Delhi the capital of India

Mala Tuli a caregiver who feeds around 70 dogs residing in and around Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for more than ten years now was stopped by a parent whose son has joined some sports training in the Stadium and wanted to throw the dogs out and asked Mala not to feed the dogs as it was illegal

He was probably mentioning the court order of the Nagpur Bench because except Nagpur there is no part of India where feeding of dogs is prohibited

To see the misinformed parent and his displeasure for stray dogs kindly go on the link below:

Mala was quite shocked because all these years no one had ever stopped her from feeding the dogs but one anti dog order from Nagpur Bench has added fuel to the anti dog mindset and people with such mindset now think that they have got a license to harass dogs and the caregivers 

Something similar happened in Mumbai, Maharashtra which is near Nagpur

A caregiver was threatened by a policeman

The policeman told the caregiver that he will get the dogs picked up and relocated by the corporation and the man didn’t just stop there

He beat the dog badly with a stick

Well if Delhi and Mumbai are facing the brunt of such an inhuman order then one can well imagine what Nagpur dogs and caregivers must be going through 

A retired soldier of the Border security force in Nagpur, Maharashtra killed a dog by beating it to death (Pic in the post)

The only fault of the dog was that it had entered this man’s house

The man took a rod and started beating the dog till its teeth broke and one eye popped out, and then tied the dog’s limbs and dragged it from the third floor to the ground floor and with the help of the security guard and threw it in the bushes

In Nagpur after the most senseless court order the penalty imposed on feeder for feeding dogs is Rs 200 and as per prevention of cruelty to animals act 1960 the penalty for mudering a dog is Rs 50 

How just is this? Has the Indian judiciary also become like our corporations and Chief Ministers who don’t care for our street animals? 

Noida, Uttar Pradesh is not far behind in animal cruelty and here again the intensity of cruelty has increased after the Noida Authority (the municipal corporation)  broke all ABC rules and picked up 15 dogs from Lotus boulevard sector 100 after the tragic accident where a child was mauled by a dog

As per ABC rules dogs can be put under observation for 10 days and once found fit they are to be released back to their original habitat 

But Noida Autnority has till now not released the dogs and it has no intentions to do it either

But what has happened after that incident has been worse

Dogs have gone missing from several apartments many of whom are old and  their caregivers are looking for them like crazy

The RWAs and the AOAs are openly planning for relocation of dogs from their respective apartments on the whatsapp groups 

A member of the monitoring committee has threatened a young girl of Noida to get her dog picked because according to him the dog is ferocious, The SPCA is illegally picking up dogs which is currently run by the Dhyan Foundation

Noida has become a city where the Authority has broken ABC rules and their wrong conduct is now encouraging it’s public to do the same

People have no fear of law because they know relocating dog is absolutely acceptable by the authorities because they themselves are doing it

It seems suddenly all dogs of Noida have become ferocious and wild, 

In Badayun, Uttar Pradesh a female dog was put in a sack and then burnt alive 

It’s high time the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh intervenes and stops this mayhem

A humane and a responsible citizen of India has written a very honest and soulful letter to the Dog feeders of India 

An Open Letter to all the great dog feeders of India

Despite dogs being pickup indiscriminately,
Despite pounds becoming already functional in many cities,
Despite the cruelty pouring down all over India,
Despite us having a team of lawyers who can *surely win this for us in Supreme Court*;

We the *so great animal lovers, caregivers and feeders fraternity* just sit.
We don’t have the time to help lawyers collect data in a proper format and prepare a file.
We won’t go a little out of the way to see what’s happening in other cities that we need to stop.
I am so ashamed of this so called animal lovers creed today that I want to quit. Let the greedy Animal Welfare Organizations, Corporations, Spineless RWA and everyone wanting to earn money from dog suffering take their vested interests forward.
Dogs will not lose because these scums were strong and wide. Dogs will lose because WE WERE LAZY, Selfish and not wanting to work even from our homes.
Today’s fact is that I still dont have enough data to approach the Supreme Court to get relief all over India even though rightnow I have one the best senior lawyers waiting to trash these scums in court. If some think that filing individual appeals will win it, then they should know they will be thrown out and cause more damage by giving more power to the enemy. We need to file properly, jointly and file a lot of data.
But we can’t. Because I can’t collect data on my own.
All we needed was photos, videos, documents, news reports of violation of ABC Rules, PCA Acts and cruelty happening to dogs pan India. But only a few sent us their ‘own’ problems seeking myopic solutions. The great feeders who claim to feed 400-500 dogs each day and spend a considerable amount of time on social media didn’t bother. Because they are already so great.
This is how pathetic we are that we dont see the pain of dogs in other areas, cities and states.

I am not going to take any initiative now on this case as we cant do anything without data. Let the dogs die painfully, slowly, horribly because YOU PRESUME SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO LIKE IT HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR MORE THAN TWO DECADES and you enjoyed and reaped the benefits very conveniently while others kept doong the hard work, spending money, time and energy, again and again endlessly. But it won’t happen this time.

I am just attaching for your eyes, only two photos of two of the 15 dogs that were picked recently, and being kept in a pound, by orders from a corporation who is today refusing to ever release them back despite all violations *because they also know that THE GREAT DOG FEEDERS ARE USELESS* and because they see a new model to earn endlessly. Yes wait and watch all your near and dear shelters, AWOs and NGOs turn into devils very soon. You will see them all on one side because there is huge money. And then dont you dare call me or anyone to help your pathetic self or the dogs that you feed because there would be nothing that I or anyone else would be able to do then. Shameful.

Signing out

Rishi Dev

The dog feeders of India kindly unite and give your wholehearted cooperation to Rishi who is fighting to get justice for our four legged Friends 

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