Bengaluru is to Become Free Of Stray Dogs Soon, said the Karnataka Animal Husbandry Minister few days back. He said this after the corporation received many complaints of dog attacks and rabies in the city. According to the BBMP officials  the city’s stray dog population is exploding despite the BBMP neutering at least 45,000 animals annually since 2018. Also they said that dog-catching is a big challenge. If they target 10 or 15 dogs, they manage to capture hardly one or two as the strays hide in culverts and drains.

Well if the minister is so ignorant about the Dog rules 2001 which clearly says that stray dogs cannot be removed from their location then what can be expected from.the common man of India. 

The municipal corporations across India have a complaint centric and random approach of catching dogs that too without the help of the caregivers. This makes catching dogs quite challenging. The problem being faced by the Bangalore municipal corporation is the same for all. But instead of replacing their faulty methods  the corporation is now ready to make the lives of stray dogs a hell by dumping them in shelters.  Nothing can be more shameful and rediculous than this. For their failures too it is the poor dogs who shall be penalized. 

A message is going viral on social media which says that the RWA  of Chowhan Town in Bhilai, Chatisgarh has send out a notice which says that they have been contacting the municipal corporation for picking up the stray dogs but the corporation is saying that the organization with whom they had a contract to catch the dogs has expired and they can’t pick up the dogs until they get a fresh contract signed. Hence, the RWA has decided to hire a private agency to catch the dogs and remove them from the society.  They have also mentioned in the message that few people who are animal lovers in their colony had objected to dogs being picked up when they had called the agency two months back to pick up the dogs. But this time all the dogs whether pet or stray will be picked if found roaming in the society (Pic in the post).

The above message clearly shows that the ABC program is still greek and latin to most of the societies and the RWAs are openly flouting dog rules 2001 which says that stray dogs cannot be relocated. They can only be picked up for steriization and then dropped back at their original location. 

In Dwarka DDA flat sector 23, New Delhi  a mother dog and her three puppies have been relocated. The caregivers is an.old lady and she is scared for the life of the dogs. In the past the society people have harassed the old lady for feeding the dogs and the dogs have been hit by them. They throw stones and slippers at the dogs.

Another atrocity of an RWA of Faridabad, Haryana has gone viral on whatsapp group. This is what the message said:

“All these 3 babies have gone missing from Piyuesh heights. The dirty work of RWA. They had been trying to throw all the Society dogs out for the last 3 weeks. Guards were told to beat them and not to allow them inside. Somehow these poor babies will run in. The feeder taken by us Dheeraj was abused and told not to come into the Society to feed the 16 dogs. The poor dogs are starved n tortured. Police were informed but no action. I am so saddened by the atrocities of this RWA. They are not respecting the laws of the Animal Act and also the legal notice sent to them. They don’t want any dogs inside the Society. All 16 dogs vaccinated n sterilized. It’s just so heartbreaking.
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The worse part is that even the police sides with the RWAs and turns deaf, dumb and blind to atrocities to animals and their caregivers. 

Noida has become a hub of dog cruelty. The RWAs are openly giving orders to their society guards to beat the dogs and throw them.out of the society. Kindly go on the link below to see how a poor dog is being chased with sticks by the guards of a society 

India is currently in the grip of a new menace which is called RWA. Such RWAs need to be blacklisted and banned And it’s members penalized and disqualified to contest any such elections in future. 

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