As I have always said, these crackpot old men who have nothing to do except be a useless nuisance to society running quasi-judicial khap panchayat like RWAs need to be done with.  They are counterproductive and useless. Please read this article by Madam Maneka Gandhi.


RWAs have run vicious campaigns on Facebook, threatening to beat feeders and ordered guards to beat animals inside the compounds, all in the name of lockdown.

When Indians were restricted to their homes on 24 March due to the coronavirus lockdown, I thought that it would be an opportunity for everyone to discover the best in themselves: read books, cultivate plants, play cards, laugh, breathe cleaner air, play with their children and animals, feed the homeless, both animals and people, write jokes on Facebook, catch up on homework, learn cooking, play music,

But this didn’t happen. Just as people in jail become vicious and want to hurt each other, many Indians became as mean as jail birds, like jail wardens, with all the power in their little kingdoms of villages and communities. It is as if we are in a sci-fi movie and the monsters have taken over.

The heads of Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) broke into people’s flats if they had animals. I had to rescue a boy, who fed cats in Mumbai, and send his attackers to jail. And he is just one of the several thousand who were victimised just because they had a compassionate side.

FULL article here

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