18 FEB 2024 — 

An Unfortunate incident took place a few days back in Greater Noida, UP

A young boy playfully threw a pup & he died 

It was told that the father of the boy asked him to throw the puppy. To watch the video kindly go on the link below

The animal activists demanded an FIR against the boy’s father & after a lot of pursuation they succeded in getting the FIR done altnough FIR was done against unknown people (no names mentioned) but what happened thereafter is horrendous 

The brave women caregivers who exposed the cruelty were physically assaulted & sexually abused & an innocent male dog was killed (Pic in the post) 


After 10 days an FIR was done against the people who abused & assaulted women caregivers 

But the innocent mute dog who died for no reason is still waiting for justice & we all know he won’t get justice ever

The women caregivers on the other hand are still facing all kinds of conspiracies against them which has made their life a hell  

And to add to the woes & miseries of dogs of India few people who have nothing better to do have made dogs a political agenda & spreading venom against them 

A new narrative has been created for Indian dog that he is ferocious, aggressive & biting 

Who is responsible for creation of this narrative & who is responsible for their misery? 

The young boy threw the puppy may be on the encouragement of his father so isn’t our education system & apathetic environment towards animals equally guilty? Why few Indians kill dogs, abuse them without any feeling of guilt? And then another section of compassionate citizens who are aware of animal laws by self learning & undergoing unfortunate experiences themselves start demanding for FIRs? 

PCA Act came in 1960 & ABC rules in 2001 but both didn’t reach the schools & colleges of India 

None of us have been taught compassion towards animals, dog behaviour & basic laws for community animals in schools 

The municipal corporations & AW bodies failed to create awareness about ABC rules 

Till today ABC is being done in most complaint centric & random manner 

There is no helpline number for ABC but yes there are helpline numbers if dog bites

Recently ofcourse few NGOs have started  teaching them voluntarily in schools but again that’s not a compulsory subject & is hardly being taught in govt schools 

Children are reflection of their parents & they do what they are taught  

See what Indian children are being taught by their equally ignorant parents & see how then they treat dogs?




And we sinners are calling dogs ferocious, aggressive & threat to our children & many state govts have been fooled to believe dogs are ferocious & shelters are being built to house such dogs 

Just how low can we stoop? Especially those in AW who know very well how dogs are being made ferocious 

Who is the real culprit? It’s definitely not the dogs of India 

He poor thing has become victim of corruption, greed, hatred, conspiracies & ignorance of we humans 

Will his ordeal ever end? 

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